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two questions in one how do or is it possible to get back to the luv you had for christ after you've backslid?

I mean you know how it was when you first came to christ you just have this luv and this yurning in your spirit and its like you cant be stopped and then when well if you have backslid and then redidicate yourself to christ you want that same feeling and that same luv and that same fire but it's so hard to get back to that point for the one that has fallen will you ever get it back?

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Asked by Mz.Blessed at 6:50 PM on Apr. 18, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • oh yes you can .... I did :-) In matter of fact my love for the Lord is stronger than ever before and deeper than it ever was! I had a reality check :-) God never stopped loving you... He will always love you. It is to Him you can safely go to and give love in return! God is not withholding the love He is just waiting for you to just to pour out your heart honestly to Him, He will fill that heart to overflowing and the joy will be so full you will want to shout on the housetops that He is Lord and that He loves everyone and that you love Him. All you need to do is step into it... believe it and trust Him!

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 6:55 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • I think it's simaler to falling in love with a person. It's exciting, and new! Then we have a few fights, screw up, and it takes work to be happy. We can repair our relationship with Christ, through humbly repenting for our mystakes. And I think the excitiment will come back through service for others. This was true for me anyway. When we don't think so much about ourselves, but let God work through us to bless others, that's amazing!!

    Answer by Clarkebar2 at 7:06 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • Just like you're doing now remembering how much you loved Him and what He did for you, tell Him how you feel, pour it out like He's in the room and open your heart ask Him to take you back to the place where you met Him before, to bring you back...

    Answer by eminelson at 8:12 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • If you do not feel the same love for God and his truth that you once felt, this is not because anything has changed on his part. Jehovah God never changes. (Mal. 3:6; Jas. 1:17) I believe He was interested in us back then, and he is as interested in us today as he ever was. So what,we must ask if anything, might have changed in our relationship with God? Could it be that you feel that you are under more pressure, more preoccupied with anxieties? Perhaps in the past you prayed more earnestly, studied more diligently, meditated more often. Were you more in your love for God than you are now?—2 Cor. 13:5. it's important to always check that our love doesn't wain so Jesus never says "Nevertheless, I hold this against you, that you have left the love you had at first.”—Rev. 2:2-4.
    Just like in our marriage it takes work to keep our love fresh and new.


    Answer by lisarose45 at 8:58 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • I suggest you read your bible daily..and spend time through out the week in a bible beleiving church.. I mean every time the doors are open.

    most churches have a wendsday night service. a childrens service.. and then sunday am and pm.. both..
    I suggest doing daily devotionals.. to allow you maximum spiritual input ...

    Answer by JESUSCARES4YOU2 at 9:13 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • of course, the bible says God is married to the backslider. The worst thing we can do once we backslide is to stay away from God. We should run to him.

    Answer by my2kids312 at 9:43 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • I think the reason it is harder after you have backslid is because you feel so guilty for the sins you have committed while away from God. I know that was my case. I finally got over the guilt and did believe that God had forgiven me and that is was Satan that kept throwing it in my face. God gave his Son, Jesus CHrist to die for our sins, all of them.

    Answer by army_wife2000 at 10:02 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • I agree with all of the ladies above.

    Answer by mo2a27 at 10:17 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • I keep in mind the apostle Paul's words: “Beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear.” (2 Corinthians 7:1) even if we struggle to heed these words, we should not give in to despair. Jehovah God is always “ready to forgive” and to help. (Psalm 86:5; Luke 11:9-13) Keep in mind too, that “God is greater than our hearts and knows all things.” (1 John 3:20) God sees more than our sins; he sees the whole person. This knowledge enables him to hear with sympathy our earnest pleas for mercy. So never weary of turning to God in humble and earnest prayer, like a child who goes to his father when in trouble. Jehovah God will bless you with a cleansed conscience. (Psalm 51:1-12, 17; Isaiah 1:18) always remember, we ALL need to take positive steps in harmony with our prayers

    Answer by lisarose45 at 10:49 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

  • I agree with everyone. When our hearts become dry and hard it is because they are like clay. If clay gets dried out it gets hard and it is hard for the Master Potter to work with it. The Lord is the Potter and we are the clay. He needs to break you until the old you is all crumbled up and pour His living water over you. As He uses the water, the clay becomes soft again and He can again make you into a beautiful vessel. So allow Him to get rid of the old you. And get into the Word of God as much as you can, at least once a day. Be washed and made new by the water of the Word.

    Then reason your heart feels different too is because you have been sowing to the flesh. Your flesh is still strong, you are reaping what you have sown. You need to begin sowing to the Spirit and then you will reap the righteousness you once had. You sow, by being disciplined in the word, prayer, worship, fellowship. Congratulations on coming home.

    Answer by Cinnamon-mom at 11:28 PM on Apr. 18, 2009

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