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What age is it ok to keep your child in the tub unsupervided?

She is going to be 4 in 9 days. I know she can't like wash her hair by herself yet, but after she is washed is she old enough to play in the tub with the door open alone? The bathroom is upstairs. If not what age can you leave a child unsupervised to play in the tub?


Asked by Anonymous at 11:11 AM on Apr. 20, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (16)
  • I say 5.....then when they are about 14 you can't get them to shower.. then it seems around 17 you can't get them out of the shower..... kids are strange. LOL but around 5 was when I left my boys unattended.

    Answer by PaceMyself at 2:02 PM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • I guess it depends on the child...mine are fine now. They are 4 and 6. Anything before 4, I would not risk it. And even still, they are checked on every 2 minutes or so and the door is wide open, tv down and I'm NOT on the phone.

    Answer by babycakes254 at 11:24 AM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • With water in the tub IDK but my 2 yr old son is a strange kid and once we wash him he lets the water out and tells us its going to the fish and then sits and plays in an empty bathtub about 15 min. I always leave during this time since its empty and I don't have to worry about him drowning

    Answer by theheartbaby at 11:24 AM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • Not until they are at least 5. My little guy takes showers, so he'll play in the shower while im doing my hair or makeup that way i'm still in the bathroom with him.

    Answer by Vanessannd at 11:32 AM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • I let mine play in the tub alone at 4. I just kept the door open and stayed close by. It was my chance to fold laundry!

    Answer by mompam at 11:33 AM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • my DD is 6 1/2 and left alone periodically, not completely. I guess until they become less active you know, when they stop rolling around and playing. Im always afraid she's going to hit her head and drown so I do check in every few minutes or I yell "Hey you okay?" if she gets too quiet.

    Answer by MAMAMISTY33 at 11:38 AM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • It depends on your child. My daughter is 2 and I do not sit in there with her every minute. I will leave, do something, check on her, etc. I can always hear her. We have 1 bathroom in the house and it's close to the living room and with the door open I hear everything. She loves bath time, and makes lots of nose. She can also get in and out by herself, flawlessly, and I have a mat in the tub and a rug outside, to prevent slips. :)

    Answer by celticreverie at 11:42 AM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • my son is 3 and he sits and plays with his cars ( he washes them lol ) and our bathroom is in our bedroom (right off to the side but in the room ) so while hes playing i will be next to the bed folding laundry so im only a few feet away, or im in there with his taken bath time as a time to clean the bathroom sink, toilet, cat litter. but im never more then a few feet away. just not always in sight.

    Answer by tabbys4 at 11:56 AM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • my daughters been bathing by herself (without me in the room) since she was 3..whether its a bath or shower..and i check on her every few minutes..well..only if it starts getting long as i can hear her i dont.but her bath time is when shes singing and talking and being a chatter box...she has a blast!!! so i let her be!!

    Answer by alexis_06 at 12:38 PM on Apr. 20, 2009

  • Man I guess I'm a bad mom cause my 16 month old sit in the tub with no one but i do not put a lot of water in it just so her butt is in the water. But I always put her in the water with my 3 yr old and they play for hours. I go in there to see what they are doing all the time but man my 6 yr old take showers and wash herself.

    Answer by Mz.PhatPhat at 12:52 PM on Apr. 20, 2009