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Here's a controversial one for ya' . . . Harry Potter

I just saw the new trailer - and IT'S ABOUT DANG TIME!! LOL. I can't wait for the movie to come out.

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I wasn't here for it, LOL. What I want to know is, how many of you buy into the belief that Harry Potter is "evil" and teaches kids to "worship the devil"?

My personal belief is that it's a great piece of literature (the books) - and a lot of fun to read and watch. Kids won't learn about "witchcraft" from the movies or books because that kind of witchcraft is not existent. IMO, it's a fun, magical fairy tale.

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Asked by jennijune_21 at 4:37 PM on Apr. 21, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • i agree with you. it is a fun book, just like merlin in camelot, its meant to be fun and inspire imagination. i don't think it has anything to do w/the devil or evil in any way shape or form.

    Answer by vabchmommy at 4:39 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • My sister was teaching at a parochial school when the books became popular in the US. She started reading them to her third grade class until one of the moms had a shit fit because they are teaching the children to worship the devil.
    Give me a break!
    They are fantasy.

    Answer by Nathskitten at 4:40 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • Harry Potter really doesn't have anything to do with real witchcraft.

    Answer by Collinsky at 4:41 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • lol- and if kids learn anything from it it will be a little bit of Latin- and who doesn't need a little Latin in their lives. (I laugh because reading harry Potter really helped me out in my Histoyr of the English language class because i recognized some of the Latin roots)

    I think someone who believes that HP is going to teach their children witchcraft is just looking for a reason to not have to buy or read the books. they are awesome pieces of literature, well developed, fascinating and captivating. My children love HP and it has led many other teens that i know into reading other books (what do we do after books 7???? pick up something else- and with the onslaught of vampire books they have plenty to choose from)

    Answer by LuckyClown at 4:42 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • I don't personally believe that it teaches kids to worship the devil, but I don't allow my kids to read them. Theres a lot of other things they could be reading anyway and I don't feel they are missing out. I have issues with HP because of the darkness of it and because I know witchcraft is real, I don't want to pretend like its not. DO I think it would warp my kids minds?? Goodness no, but I don't want to open our spirits to witchcraft. You can call it spells, magic, fairytales...anything you want, but its still witchcraft. Thats my issue with it. I don't berate others who feel differently and I rarely comment on it at all. This is the standard for MY home only. My kids are avid readers though and there are plenty of other things to read. Also my kids have shown very little interest in reading them. That was enough for me to say...okay, lets not.

    Answer by momofsaee at 4:47 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • LOL my younger brother has always been into Harry Potter and we're religious and ever since he started hanging out with his family again he's really into God and the Bible and now he thinks Harry Potter is evil. He says its the devil getting to you through a cool movie! LOL I know God is watching over my kids so I'm not worried about them watching certain things (as long as it's PG). I even like Twilight but I think it's boarder line sexual, I don't need my kids to be learning about sex and love from that movie, but Harry Potter is great! Anyways I don't think it's evil.

    Answer by VasquezFamily at 4:47 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • I agree with Collinsky...nothing to do with real witchcraft, and anyone claiming it does is beyond ridiculous. the books are children's fictional stories. So much fun to read, and I love every second of them!

    Answer by Adeline1210 at 4:49 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • Mind you, I havent read the book and I am not interested, but I did see the preview of the new movie while watching another movie several months ago and I thought to myself....THEres no way in hell my kids are watching that. I thought it was dark, dismal and quite scary. My kids dont go for scary anyway. I wasnt impressed. The first movie didnt seem like that. Its like they have gotten darker each time.

    Answer by momofsaee at 4:49 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • Just a question here....whats the difference between fake witchcraft and "real" witchcraft? This is not a mocking question....its a real interest in knowing.

    Answer by momofsaee at 4:50 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

  • Answered at 3:47 PM on Apr. 21, 2009 by: momofsaee
    While I don't necessarily agree with your viewpoint on the books, I have to commend you for having children that are such bookworms! I love to read, myself, and I will pick up anything with pages and words, LOL. My DD and my DS love to be read too as well. Now my bonus kids . . . notsomuch on the reading for them, LOL. We try . . .

    Anyway, sounds like you're doing a good job, momma! :-)

    Answer by jennijune_21 at 4:51 PM on Apr. 21, 2009

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