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8 month old too attached

my ds is 8 months old now and i heard that starting at this age they get really attached and go thru separation anxiety. my son will not let me put him down or play by himself. i been a sahm for a few months and i try to not hold him m uch and let him cry a little bit but nothing seems to work.any suggestions?


Asked by djanowski775 at 11:38 AM on Apr. 24, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (7)
  • My 7 month old does the same thing. When he was a little younger I did wear the sling and was able to do dishes (he fell asleep in it!). If you put him down, play toys and sing with him, that helps the crying stop. In your arms is where he feels safe, you must be a good mommy if he wants to be with you all the time! :) I have noticed that my son cries when I put him down mainly because he is tired and wants me to stay with him so he can sleep. Good luck mama

    Answer by YoungandExcited at 12:51 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • You can't hold him too much! Follow your instincts, and let you son know that he is loved and make him feel secure. Ignore the old ladies who tell you that you will spoil him. Trust me, toddlers hate to be held, and you will miss the baby days. When you do put him down, he needs to have "tummy time", this will help build the muscles that he will need to walk. Read to him, snuggle him, enjoy him!

    Answer by rkoloms at 11:47 AM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • --original poster--

    my son is 8 months old he doesnt need tummy time, he crawls around everywhere and can get where he wants. I just dont want to sit on the couch all day just holding him so he wont cry, I didnt take advice from someone or anything, just curious how i can make him stop crying when I put him down for a few minutes.

    Answer by djanowski775 at 11:49 AM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • Get a sling or Mei Tai and "wear" him around the house doing things. You are not going to stop the crying if you put him down because that is just his personality. Give him things to keep him stimulated, but most likely for a while he is going to fuss. There is not magic thing you can do to change that. My first hated being held and preferred being on his own, my second was the opposite and we did nothing different with either one.

    Answer by aeneva at 12:16 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • By letting him cry and "trying not to hold him too much" that is what is causing his anxiety. As Aeneva suggested. Try a mei tai or sling to get things done around the house. Build is confidence by showing him that you are there for him and will hold him when he needs to be and he will be less clingy and needy.

    Answer by SmileyMoo at 12:22 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • Also, the more you hold him, the faster this phase will pass. I have been spending hours on the couch with my daughter because she wants to sit on my lap. But I know it's from her daddy being out of town two nights a week and if I indulge her, she does better.

    Answer by kemclaughlin at 12:32 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • --original poster--

    the problem with the sling is he is too active and hates to be in one spot. like when I do hold him on the couch and try and watch tv or play with him he tries to climb up on me and pulls my hair and tries to bounce on me. I will look into the sling thing again but I have one I only used when he was first born because as soon as he learned he could do things and move around he was out. I guess I will just try and keep him active maybe buy some new toys, he does get bored with the same toys after awhile. thanks

    Answer by djanowski775 at 2:06 PM on Apr. 24, 2009