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How did you wean your child?

My daughter has been nursing for over 9 months now. Recently, I decided to wean her, so I only nurse once all day, at 7am (but I pump so she still has breastmilk). She refuses the bottle, or a sippy. I make sure to feed her 3 times a day with baby-food, and I am trying to teach her how to take finger snacks too. Other than trying to get a tip into her mouth, or letting her handle the bottle/sippy to become familiar with it, I am kinda out of options. The problem is: she hate textured foods or anything in her mouth that's unfamiliar. I have even tried giving her a cap-full of milk/juice/water (because she likes drinking from a cap) and then showed her while I poured it into the sippy and gave it to her...nope, didn't want.

How would you go about introducing the bottle and sippy to a baby that flat our refuses?

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Asked by KamellasMommy at 2:59 PM on Apr. 24, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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  • I weaned my son recently but he was 12 months. He just eats whatever we do now. And he mostly drinks just water and milk from a sippy or a straw in our glass. I can only suggest keep giving it to her and one day she will try it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:07 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • You can't wean a baby under one year old. You must start her on formula if you don't want to breastfeed and/or pump.
    Try giving her a cup with a straw, it's the only thing my baby will drink out of, and it's better for oral development.
    Try to offer her finger foods that digest easily, such as gerber puffs and yogurt melts. If that won't work try freezing breastmilk and feeding her the ice shavings and small broken up pieces of that. It will melt fast and have a familiar taste until she gets used to it.

    I don't recommend weaning; especially at such a young age.

    Answer by Devory at 3:07 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • You can wean a baby at any age...and there are many ways to do it, either by pumping and offering the milk in a bottle or switching to formula. She just doesn't like the nipples/tips of bottles/sippies. She is fine going all day without nursing, but getting her to take a sippy/bottle with breastmilk/juice/water is impossible. 9 months on nothing but breastmilk (and organic babyfood) is plenty long enough but either way, my daughter has a hard time with formula so I chose to pump. But I need to get her "trained" on a sippy at least because she is going to be 1 soon and has no idea how to use any of this stuff!

    I can try the straw thing. Thanks. But yeah, she doesn't like us putting these thing to her mouth so I feel like she might just skip it all and drink straight from a cup at the rate she's going! She loves when I let her drink from a cap!

    Answer by KamellasMommy at 3:16 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • If she doesnt take a bottle or sippy, why dont you just continue breastfeeding for another three months? Three months is a very short period of time, and babies need breastmilk or formula until at least a year of age.

    Answer by kate_jocelyn at 3:19 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • Oh and we give her the soft melt finger foods already, she loves the Yogurt Melts. But she's never been one to put things in her mouth which up until now has been a blessing. So we can offer her everything under the sun and she may eat it, from our hands that is. Once we give it to her, or let her pick it up, she just holds it, won't put it in her mouth.

    Answer by KamellasMommy at 3:19 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • have you tried different nipples for the bottles? my daughter was picky and we just kept trying till we found one that she liked. also, are you the one offering her the bottle? 'cause i know DD wouldn't take a bottle from me and i was told its 'cause she could smell the milk or something and would rather nurse than take the milk from the bottle. good luck!

    Answer by AddysDogBear at 3:28 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • Not sure why this is still in question but I am giving my daughter breastmilk, I am just not nursing anymore. I know it's best to go a year but my son only went 1 1/2 months and he's healthy as can be, never gets sick, etc. So putting that aside, it's not a problem with not liking what's IN the bottle, she will drink anything I give her from a cap, she just doesn't like tips. So again, I am not putting her on cow's milk or anything..she is getting breastmilk, so I just need advice on how to get her to take the bottle/sippy.

    We have tried 3 different nipples for a bottle but only one sippy lid. And yes, I usually give her the bottle but you're right AddysDogBear, that's really not the best idea, but during the day it's my only option :(

    Answer by KamellasMommy at 3:33 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

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