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How much talking should a 2-year old be doing?

My son just turned 2 on the 10th and his doctor is saying he should be doing complete sentences by now, and I know a few moms who has 2 year olds and none of them say complete sentences. So now I have all these therapists that suppose to be coming at to my house, and I think this is just crazy! I mean he just turned 2, am I the only one that thinks there wrong? I mean every child is different, and goes at different paces.

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Asked by Wifey_Ma at 10:05 PM on Apr. 24, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (7)
  • At 24 months, most will be developing 2 word phrases... more cookies (mo ooee).
    By 30 months, most will have sentences that are 4 to 5 words long but still with plenty of grammar and pronunciation issues.
    By 36 months, most can carry on small conversations and strangers can understand 75% of what they say.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 10:16 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • my grand daughter will be 2 next month and she is just now putting 2 to 3 words together in a sentence. I don't expect her to do a full sentence until she's 2 1/2. I think the doctor is jumping the gun here.

    Answer by lich663 at 10:36 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • My daughter is 2½ and she has just started to really make any sense. She could do a few words @ 2 but we had no idea what she was really saying. it all made sense to her but we had no clue. And within the last couple of months her speach has really taken off. There is another mom @ work whose daughter is 4 months younger and she speaks really well. I was worried about mine, but she is on her own time frame. They all are. Hopefully your son will take off talking in no time, and you'll wonder why you were worried in the 1st place.

    Answer by teafan at 10:51 PM on Apr. 24, 2009

  • Yah, that's crazy! It's probably a little less usual for toddlers to be speaking sentences by two. I have seen a handful of kids that can speak sentences and conversate at two, but I don't think that's so normal.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:12 AM on Apr. 25, 2009

  • My friends son was talking well at 2 but he's oober smart for hs age but my other friend who's daughter is also 2 just pciked up her language skills one day and has neevr shut up since. Now my son will be 2 in 5 days and he can say some 2 words like pappap bad (or good) thank you, please mama, but only a select few, most of the time in order to get a wod outa his I have to say "say----" and he'll repeat it. good luck!

    Answer by AntzMumi430 at 12:28 AM on Apr. 25, 2009

  • My lil girl must be advanced in the lang. dept. She is 17months and has been putting together sentences for a few months now and uses them regularly. more milk, your welcome, my baby, bath time, no nap, i stuck, i love you, love you mommy, where daddy, daddy no go bye byes, pay (play) outside, go bye byes now, 1,2,3 ha (I tried the whole counting to 3 thing as dicipline and it backfired),my brother in tummy?, baby in mommys tummy, more crackers, all done, no hungry. I could go on and on but these are just the ones I hear almost every single day.

    Answer by shortnsweetisme at 1:57 AM on Apr. 25, 2009

  • Hmm... well, my son can speak fairly clear, full sentences and he's 2 yrs. 3 months. He's easy to understand, and can put 3-10 words together. (He's not proficient with pronouns yet- "Me do it!" "Adrian wants go to playground") But, we never baby talked to him, and he's surrounded by adults 24/7.

    Answer by Annabel1809Lee at 9:44 PM on Apr. 26, 2009

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