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will adding some sugar to some water make my son sleepy? and is it safe to use?

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:08 AM on Apr. 29, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (10)
  • My son, when he was about a year old, had the hardest time getting to sleep. Once he was asleep he was fine but it was getting him to sleep that drove me nuts. I gave him half a dose of tylenol when I gave him his bath before bedtime and got him used to being "ready" to go to bed. I alternated that for 3 days and used lavendar oils in his bath, gave him a massage with lotion and he was good to go. He's a great sleep even now and he will be 8 in June.

    Answer by lilbit022009 at 9:11 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • most believe that sugar has the opposite effect. It gives a quick burst of energy. Plus... if he has teeth, you don't want to give him sugar water in the bed because it will cause the teeth to rot.


    Answer by VeronicaLee at 9:13 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • It's sugar; I don't know ANY kid that got sleepy until after they crashed on a sugar rush. IT IS SAFE; peds recommend it when babies refuse water!!! I'd say less than 1/2 tsp per 4oz.

    Answer by ladyd6280 at 9:13 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • I wouldn't give sugar water. But, you should try Humphreys teething tablets. They are homeopathic (natural) and they taste like a little sugar pill. But, I'm telling you, my daughter was having a hard time sleeping at one point and once I gave her a few of these before bed she would fall fast asleep and sleep all night. They are available at your pharmacy. Good luck.

    Answer by mamaada at 9:22 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • Whew, are you serious? you don't know what sugar can do to your child or even adult?

    AS a child, sugar gives them enegry, make them happy because they go run, jump and scream making their caregivers crazy. They can't sit still because the enegry they get, they have to go burn it off by doing physical things.

    It depends on why your child won't go to sleep or stay at sleep. One thing, you ought to know. SUGAR AND COFFEE WON:T DO YOUR CHILD ANY GOOD!!!!

    Answer by yoshiki56 at 9:25 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • Sugar is bad for everyone, especially babies. Babies sleep when they are tired and eat when they are hungry. Do you play with your baby and keep his little brain stimulated? Baby exercises, phonics games, there are so many ways to play!

    Answer by rkoloms at 10:41 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • Why would you give sugar to anyone to help them sleep? Is it in hopes that they get hyper and then crash? That's the only thing I can think of...

    News flash: babies don't sleep when YOU want them to. And, there really is nothing that you can give them to change that.

    Answer by Krysta622 at 11:14 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • Sugar in water ??? I would think that would be BAD for his new teeth! And bad for his little body.. No sugar !!

    Answer by JamiesMom08 at 11:46 AM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • I was always told sugar water was for hiccups while still breast or bottle feeding.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:05 PM on Apr. 29, 2009

  • I wear my baby out! We play, she jumps in her jumper,(which is the best purchase I ever made) she eats, we play then she naps! No sugar! Sugar is bad, babies will get used to that sweet taste and can become picky eaters and its bad for their teeth. Don't even give toddlers sweets!

    Answer by teresa1970 at 1:41 PM on Apr. 30, 2009

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