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How can I get my daughter to fall asleep faster?

My daughter is 14 1/2 months old and is currently on a 1 nap schedule. At naptime she falls asleep within 10 minutes or so without any help from me. At bedtime, after we complete our routines it takes her at least 30 minutes to fall asleep. Lately it has been taking her closer to an hour! During this time she doesn't cry or fact she can be heard babbling. My thinking is that we are keeping her up too late because she begins yawning during dinner OR that her naps run too long and she's actually not tired at bedtime despite the yawns. Typically she wakes up around 8:00/8:30 and is up for 5 hours before her nap. She generally naps for at least 2 hours and is usually up by 3:30/4:00. Dinner is around 6:15, and after dinner at about 7:00 we begin the bedtime routines with bedtime between 8:00 and 8:15, although sometimes it's as late as almost 8:30. She's not sleeping until 8:45 at the earliest and lately 9:30!

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Asked by CathyK21708 at 11:22 AM on Apr. 30, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • i wish i could help you out with that. my sooon to be 23 month old daughter refuses to take naps or go to bed a a decient hour. her siblings go to bed between 8-830pm which is when she used to go to bed. now if you walk with her or carry her to her bedroom (shes shares with two sisters) she starts to scream and cry at the top of her lungs. nothing works so far. i tried some warm earl gray (caffiene free) about 30 mins before time for bed and it worked last night she was out by 10pm i am gonna try it again tonight~~hillary

    Answer by hevtrighapatmom at 11:56 AM on Apr. 30, 2009

  • I'd let her be and not worry about. Our son (who's now 2) did the same thing. He simply liked to play in his crib before going to sleep. The schedule you have is very similar to what we used although we did everything about 1/2 hour earlier. My niece was another one who loved playing in her crib before falling asleep. If you want, try shifting things earlier by about 10 or 15 minutes and see what happens. You can then gradually get bedtime earlier. However, if you don't want ot mess with your dinner time, just shorten the "going to bed" routine a little each night until bedtime is earlier.

    Answer by momofryan07 at 12:12 PM on Apr. 30, 2009

  • i really wouldny complain! it sounds just fine to me.if your dd is babbling at night maybe thats just her way of tiring herself out.i dunno but i see nothing wrong with your routine or the timing of it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:28 PM on Apr. 30, 2009

  • +My 13 month old daughter is the same now. I get tired trying to make her sleep. She gets wild when i say the words 'lets go to bed'. I had been doing this and it seems to work. I take her to bed 30 mins before the time i want her to sleep and let her play on the bed(with no toys around) as long as she wants( i never force her to sleep) but i close my eyes and will never play with her at that time. She climbs on me, calls me, jumps on the bed does all that she can do to wake me up. I continue to act like i am sleeping. Finally she slept beside me as she was bored i believe..first day it took nearly 45 mins for her to sleep. I had been doing this for a week now and she sleeps within 20mins & i hope it will reduce more. Then i put her on her bed/crib to sleep. I just make sure that she is safe on the bed with no distractions like toys/her dads voice around.

    Answer by revathy at 12:59 PM on Apr. 30, 2009


    Answer by greenmaniac at 4:44 PM on Apr. 30, 2009

  • my daughter is 22 months and she lays down at 6-7 depending and she wont sleep till 8-9 and it does take that long i dont know why we have a bedtime routin just hard for her to sleep i guess.

    Answer by troubledkat911 at 10:33 PM on May. 1, 2009

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