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how do you get a 3 week old to stop crying?

my question is simple, umm how do you get a 3 week old to stop cry and sleep at night so that I could rest also?

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:55 AM on May. 2, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (8)
  • You don't. Babies cry and they most certainly do not sleep through the night at 3 weeks. You also have not given nearly enough info to be helpful. If you're giving formula, you may need to switch formulas or may need to burp more often. If you're breastfeeding it's actually a way to increase milk supply and is fairly common. Depending on how much crying you're talking about it could be colic.. but that means crying all day every day for more than 2-3 weeks. Baby could be hot, cold, uncomfortable, or even have a sensory disorder can try swaddling, rocking, quiet dark rooms, a bath, the car, bouncy seats or a swing, etc. But in general babies cry and you're looking at months, possibly years before they sleep through the night.. and sleeping through the night is considered 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.. not 8-10 hours.


    Answer by s.teph at 4:29 AM on May. 2, 2009

  • You could possibly be not feeding the baby enough for it's needs. Try giving an extra ounce or two before bed or if you are nursing do nurse right before you lay the baby down. Turn a fan on in the room at a low setting and face it away from the baby, the white nose(fan nose) calms a lot of newborns. Also, try a bath right before bed. The baby should still be waking up to eat every couple to four hours at night, this should gradually lessen as the baby gets older. GL

    Answer by Bugsmommy1908 at 4:29 AM on May. 2, 2009

  • Also see if your baby has colic.

    Answer by MRSnMOTHER at 5:04 AM on May. 2, 2009

  • Welcome to being Mommy. No baby at three weeks old will sleep through the night. They have nutitional needs that go through the night, Not to mention needing a change in diapers. Ask for help if you are exhausted. If you are a SAHM take a short nap when your baby sleeps.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:42 AM on May. 2, 2009

  • I'm assuming she's the same girl posting that she's 16 y/o with a 3 week old that doesn't sleep through the night and her mother refuses to help her.. so therefor I'm also assuming she's not a SAHM. Eventually you get to the point where you're so tired.. sleeping when baby sleeps isn't really a problem lol.. you're already have asleep anyways. You'll get the hang of it. The first 3 months were the worst (for me). After that, I sort of got the hang of it and I'm also a first time mom, although I'm not single I don't have any help. Hubby is gone all day long and has the luxury of sleeping all night without a care. I do 98 % of the child care, so I know it's hard.. but you CAN do it.. it DOES get better. You will not be sleep deprived forever.. just take it one day at a time. One foot in front of the other... and before you know it you're there already.


    Answer by s.teph at 5:52 AM on May. 2, 2009

  • **half.. not have ** See what I mean LoL.. I'm obviously already half/have asleep myself LoL. Wait until you're delerious and you've just put the milk in the cabinet and the cereal in the fridge or you're feeding a bottle to your pillow and you can't understand how the baby can STILL be crying and yet your lap is all wet for some reason LoL.. Par for the course.. you'll get better at it.. don't worry.


    Answer by s.teph at 5:56 AM on May. 2, 2009

  • give the baby a bath at night and see if that helps I had to do that

    Answer by Missy_Dye at 7:30 AM on May. 2, 2009

  • there are lots of things you can do to make baby more comfortable and hopefully sleep better at night. Swaddling is a great thing.. it helped my daughter to sleep for the first few weeks.. Wrap the baby up tight in a blanket so that they can't move.. it makes them feel like they are still in the womb and is comforting. If you have a musical mobile or something, keep it on as much as possible, or try some white noise like a station that doesn't come in on the radio or the vaccuum cleaner (worked wonders for my aunt with my cousin) Make sure the baby is clean and dry and well fed, and if all else fails try sleeping in a rocking chair!!! Figure out what your baby likes and make it work for you.. I know its difficult, but you'll get through it!

    Answer by kristal2146 at 9:54 AM on May. 2, 2009

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