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How much do trust your children?

And what are their ages? Obviously I am not talking about infants but rather preteens and teens. How honest do you think that they are with you and why do you feel this way? I am just trying to get some insight into what parents perceptions of their children are nowadays. I mean I am constantly reading about all the issues that our society's children have to deal with and I wonder if their parents perceptions of them reflect what is constantly being put out there by the media or if it's just rare occurences that the media hypes up to make it seem as though it has become the norm for the majority of our children. I have an 11m/o son and I am honestly afraid of what it may be like when he gets older if things are really as bad as they seem for our children right now since things often tend to get worse with time.

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:27 AM on May. 6, 2009 in General Parenting

Answers (5)
  • I have a preteen and teen, I believe they are pretty open and honest with us. But we are all pretty close. We have family nite's and spend time doing things togehther. All have dinner together and talk. Think that has helped us stay that way.

    Answer by Shaqbe4u at 3:32 AM on May. 6, 2009

  • My children are all grown now, and they are all extremely trustworthy. My husband and I were constantly teaching them when they were growing up, and we used the Bible as our textbook. We were very actively involved in their lives. We did not take them places and drop them off. We took them places and we stayed. We went to ball games. We volunteered to chaperone band trips. We did not give them freedoms before they were mature enough to handle them. When they got old enough to go places without us, they always knew that if they saw anything that was out of line, they could call us and we would come and get them. They lived at home until they had finished their undergraduate college degrees. They chose to do so. So, when they finally had to go away to finish school, they were mature enough to be ready. I think the major problem today is too much freedom too soon. Train, watch, and wait would be my advice.

    Answer by NannyB. at 10:07 AM on May. 6, 2009

  • I have a 13 y/o an I trust him alot....he is the kind that will call me up as soon as he comes home from school and tell me he got in trouble. I don't even have to check the mail for a letter of get a phonecall from a teacher.

    Answer by BradenIsMySon at 11:00 AM on May. 6, 2009

  • My older kids are 23, 18, and 15. They are all very good responsible kids. My LO's are 3 and 2. They are too young to count in this question. I do leave my older girls at home. I would leave for a week comfortably if I had too. I trust them without a doubt and they have never given me any reason to doubt them. I have been lucky, but I did my best to raise honest hard working responsible people.

    Answer by salexander at 1:54 PM on May. 6, 2009

  • Oh, I don't trust mine, or any teen. Mine have had their little incidents but I also think its normal they will do weird stuff in their teens. I do talk to them, but in spite of that, they have done some pretty stupid stuff. That said, I do try to be objective and live as if i trust them - like everyone, if they do something wrong, they get punished... but once they have paid their dues, I try my hardest to go back to trusting them. You can't live being suspicious of them all the time (other than some extreme cases) so you have to bite your tongue and suck in your gut... and fortunately, most of the time, i'm glad I did, things work out just fine.

    Answer by PhillyinFrance at 2:21 PM on May. 6, 2009

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