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How likely are you to change your mind about something based on what someone else says on this CM site?

I just wonder because I realize that just like myself, most of the other women on here are very passionate about their beliefs but thus far no one has convinced me otherwise about anything that I believe. It is not because I am close-minded b/c I will admit that I have learned quite a bit from other women about why they believe what they believe and I respect them for that b/c they have helped me to understand it better but even still it has never caused me to think any differently. I am talking about all things, such as religion, BF or FF; Pro-Obama, Anti-Obama; RF, FF, or ERF; to Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate, Spank or Don't, Gay or Not, Abortion or Anti-Abortion, and so on and so forth...How likely is it that your mind will be changed and if by chance something has changed your mind, how often has this occured for you?

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:36 PM on May. 8, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

Answers (29)
  • i don't mind hearing others opinions and like you have learned why some people feel the way they do. however i came to my own opinions on these types of things through educating myself and making the decision for myself. so no i don't believe anyone on this site is going to change my opinions about these things. my DH has tried to change my opinion on some things and hasn't so why would a perfect stranger be able to?

    Answer by vabchmommy at 9:38 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • I tend to be one of those people who likes to research, so it isn't likely that a person could change my opinion, but it would be fair to say that maybe someone could plant the seed to change my opinion, if I researched something and decided that they might be right on the matter.

    Answer by ajguinn at 9:43 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • Only once and it was about medicinal marijuana. I've come to understand better WHY people do and believe the things they do, but I have strong opinions and it takes a lot to change my mind about anything.

    Answer by IhartU at 9:44 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • Not real likely unless it has some good unbiased evidence to back it up.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 9:45 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • when it comes to religion no i have never changed my beliefs.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:45 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • when it comes to religion no i have never changed my beliefs.

    Anon 5:45, what about other things? Has your mind ever been changed about anything based on something that you've read from someone on the site?


    Answer by Anonymous at 9:48 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • Not likely.
    If its someone I trust I may take what is said to heart and look into it further but I dont guarantee a change. Maybe just a better understanding.

    When it comes to religion, no changing me just learning more.

    Answer by Amaranth361 at 9:52 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • Nope - but I am stubborn like that. LOL

    Answer by dragonfly7271 at 10:02 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • Nope, not changing for anyone!  Although many on CM have tried, they have all failed miserably!


    Answer by beeky at 10:03 PM on May. 8, 2009

  • I am like you. It is very unlikely I would change my mind about something. I have learned a lot though about why people believe things. And I have changed the way I write (I think). I don't want to be abrasive or rude, but I want to make it clear what I believe and why.

    Answer by micheledo at 10:05 PM on May. 8, 2009

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