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Can someone please just hear me out?

Today is mothers day and it feel like any other day to me, I try to me good with my kids but they leave me no choice it started yesterday they just wouln't behaive, anyway we go through that now today the same shit if it aint my son picking on my daughter its the other way around and it seems I am constantly yelling at them bc I don't want to spank them or whatever. All day they begged me to go into the pool I said no bc of the way they acted yesterday then I gave in I said well they will be out of my hair atleast they will be in the water and I will be right there laying out. Would you believe they started their shit again it was back and forth so I did not get to lay there they way I wanted (mentally atleast) I got up and told their assses to get out and dry up and let's go inside they were upset but like as upset as I was...aarrgg! there is more to this I was so very upset that I actually called...con't

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:05 PM on May. 10, 2009 in School-Age Kids (5-8)

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  • them stupid, ungrateful kids and I told them I love them but I cannot take this anymore I am going to leave (I just wanted them to think about me when I am gone I have no where to go) I just wanted them to think. I don't them to leave me alone and don't ask me for nothing just wait til your dad gets home. I was so upset I feel like crying :(
    I have never spoken to them this way but enough is enough. I hate myself for saying and doing those things. Yes they say they are sorry but for what they do it again. I feel like I am being the wicked mother (heard of the wicked stepmother) well this is a new one for mothers like me :(
    Help what can I do different they are constantly driving me crazy I love them so much I just wish they would behaive themselves where did I go wrong?

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:08 PM on May. 10, 2009

  • Your day sounds like mine. Not exactly the Mother's Day I had planned either. Supposed to go where I want to for lunch. I wanted Souper Salad. DH starts in about how their food sucks. DS whines that since we can't agree he will now go hungry. I turn the car around and I am ready to drop both their whining asses off at the house for some PB&J while I go to Souper Salad. DH shuts up and we go eat. Can't get much done today without incessant whining and bickering and that's between the kids and DH. I'm thinking about how by New Year's there will be a new little one in the house and I'm not impressed with how they act as it is.

    So we get home, DH is trying to kiss me, please, I have a kitchen to clean, laundry to do, bathrooms to get situated and kids to bathe. Surely we can kiss and make up later. I can't even get help on Mother's Day. I feel your pain.

    Answer by lilbit022009 at 6:11 PM on May. 10, 2009

  • When you give in to the begging and the whining your are doing a couple of things: you are sending the message that no doesn't mean no, and you are also telling your kids that sometimes it's ok to not keep your word. This will only escalate unless you put a stop to it now. No means no, stop whining and begging, go to your room and read a book.

    Answer by rkoloms at 6:13 PM on May. 10, 2009

  • just put yourself in time out. i told my daughter last night she was making me crazy and i was going to jump off a cliff, she laughed at me and told me i was being silly (shes 3). and at that point i was dead serious. i put myself in time out when she pushes me to my breaking point. and yours sound like they are old enough, i'd send them to their own rooms (or to seperate rooms if they share) and tell them they have to stay there for a few hours until they can behave themselves.
    as far as calling them names and what not, i think at some point everyone tells their kids something they wish they hadn't just when you calm down and they calm down. apologize to them tell them you were upset and said some things you shouldn't have. that also shows them that everyone looses it sometimes but that you still have to apologize for your actions. good luck and i'm sorry your mothers day sucks.

    Answer by vabchmommy at 6:14 PM on May. 10, 2009

  • awww girls i feel so bad for u2.
    since im in the uk its not mothers day over here, mine was about 4 weeks ago and im just recovering.
    john (my fiance) had to work and left me with a 2yrd and a 9mthd. i spend the day running around the coffee table chasing scott trying to clothe him and rheece laughing in his boucey chair at me.
    i felt like a clown entertaining them :O

    the only way to get them to stick together was to play a game.
    so i spent my mothers day on a rug in the garden pretending it was a boat and the ground was sharks lol
    we had apple juice as rum and we had a big bowl of pasta.
    to be honest seeing them have fun made my day.
    if you have fun too much you dnt appriciate it anymore.

    just wait untill one day when there good and you'll love it even more than usual just now

    Answer by ayrshire-lass at 6:19 PM on May. 10, 2009

  • I personally don't care for Mother's Day because we get all these expectations, and it is just another day. I feel badly for not doing anything with my own mom, but we have MAJOR issues, and I just can't do it. She didn't call me and the phone rings both ways. I think that we all have days were the kids push our buttons more, and being stressed on "Mother's Day" probably makes it feel worse. I'd apologize to your kids for the words you used, and explain you are really upset with their behavior. Make a rule---if I tell you something 3x you are in your rooms. (Or whatever you are comfortable with.) I'm not good with follow through either, but I will put them in their rooms, and they know that is when "I'm done!" Don't beat yourself up. You are a mom and human. Did you ever read the kid's book Alexandar and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day? My favorite line is "Some days are just like that, even in Australia." Hugs!


    Answer by Teachermom01 at 7:45 PM on May. 10, 2009

  • Thinking back, my sisters and I must have bugged my mom really bad some days. With our whining, bickering, etc., she would either tell us to go upstairs to our bedroom or outside. (My sisters and I shared one room.) She would make one of us sit on the couch. The other had to sit on a chair at the kitchen table, and the other had to go to a bedroom. Since we couldn't see each other, we were unable talk to each other.

    Answer by dustbunny at 11:52 PM on May. 10, 2009

  • wow, I had to yell at mine today also. Maybe it wasin the air. Mine was acting like a little sh##n also. I had to tell her to shut up which I never say but she got ther point. I dont know it seemed like a worse day then a normal day for me.

    Answer by moma22angels at 12:39 AM on May. 11, 2009

  • To be honest, this year I chose to focus more on my mom than my kids for a change. I thought it was safer. Haha! She managed to make me feel like crap recycled by the end of it all. Normally, she's my best friend, my ally, my defender, my everything, but today, it was like national tell your kids what's wrong with them day. Man...

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:14 AM on May. 11, 2009

  • Normally Mother's day is just like any other day, this year DH is overseas and I am very sick so my kids felt really bad for me, my oldest cooked dinner and took care of his sisters for me and all three cleaned the house (without fighting) I felt so blessed that they wanted to take care of everything but at the same time i was looking for the alien pods because my kids are never this good.

    Answer by sammiesmom2000 at 10:26 AM on May. 11, 2009

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