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Will there be political fallout?

If the Obama admin. doesn't prosecute those that knew about EIT, will there be political fallout from the left? Will the liberals decide that they aren't happy with the administration doing what is only best for them politically, instead of holding those responsible for the decision to use EIT? I have seen a lot of women here that think Bush & Cheney should be prosecuted, but what if that doesn't happen. Will it be the writing on the wall that your party is only willing to do what is politically expedient instead of doing what is right?


Asked by Anonymous at 9:41 AM on May. 15, 2009 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (38)
  • Obama can sign an executive order to stop the photos from being released but he wont do that. Instead he only does a flip flop, which is not political death, and cannot be blamed when the ACLU gets their way in court with the release of the photos.
    It was the ACLU in the beginning that wanted them outted, not Obama, but Obama has favors to grant. him discussing it, it makes the news forefront. Then he flip flops and secures military support, BUT allows the ACLU to go to court and possibly win, which ultimately provides the liberals what they wanted and takes the blame off of him. HE gets his cake and eats it too, as does his political supporters, but there is no blame to be placed on him in 2012 for election debate. He's a smart man, stop listening to Obama and watch what he does. If he wanted the photos private, he would sign the executive order today. He could have signed one the day he decided against it He didnt

    Answer by akinbottom2 at 11:47 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • No, a sheep wouldve never abandon their owner.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:46 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • I think Pelosi must know a whole lot of DC secrets. The Dems would be more than happy to sacrifice Pelosi for this, IMO. I think she has the goods on everyone in DC and that's how she hasn't been knocked off her pedestal yet.

    I think this whole thing is going to go away, it is taking time and energy away from their game. They only have a short amount of time to get as much of their legislation through, they have to put this one to bed or do something with it now. Personally, I think they should put it to bed.


    Answer by QuinnMae at 9:58 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • The Dems (Pelosi & Co.) tactically approved torture when they were informed of it and chose not to do anything about it. They had control of Congress, they had power, they could have spoken out. Instead they LIED and acted as if they didn't know anything about it.

    They are unlikely to prosecute Bush & Cheney because they want their own complicity swept under the rug.  I'm sure Obama supporters will find a way to justify this in their minds. 

    Hopefully, Obama will use this as an opportunity to clean house and get rid of Pelosi.


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:05 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • Pelosi is evil, anti-constitution and un-American. She should be prosecuted and retired (without benefits or Congressional pension) The only reason she got elected time and again is because no one reasonably qualified and known to be so ran against her. That woman is positively scary, and of course she knew all about the torture, during the planning stages and while it was being implemented. She isn't even a good liar, You can tell by looking at her that she's lying. Time to throw her under the bus. The Obama administration is good at getting rid of uncomfortable associations (witness Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers). They should be able to dispose of Miz P. without much trouble.


    Answer by Anonymous at 10:55 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • I am an Obama supporter and I would be pissed. Have to see how it goes but if you KNOW someone committed a crime and do nothing, to me, you are complicit.

    as for the above statements about Pelosi, I agree she should get voted out, BUT, her one and only briefing about torture or EIT was AFTER it was employed not in the planning stage.....She should resign but she won't politicians rarely do....but hopefully people will get sick of her crap and vote her out

    Answer by sweet-a-kins at 10:59 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • The Dems (Pelosi & Co.) tactically approved torture when they were informed of it and chose not to do anything about it. They had control of Congress, they had power, they could have spoken out. Instead they LIED and acted as if they didn't know anything about it.

    Only a FEW congress men and women were briefed, NOT the whole congress. They were the highest ranking members of the Senate Foreign relations commitee


    Answer by sweet-a-kins at 11:01 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • Congress the last 2 years Bush was in office was ran by the Democrats. They could have held hearings about this then. There were a few Republicans that did not like Bush they could have done something about this then. Pelosi and Democrats that knew about the Waterboarding are just as guilty as the Republicans. Acutally I don't think anything was done wrong my husband went through waterboarding for his job in the military and said it wasn't fun but said being shot in the face with pepper spray was worse. He like me does not see what the big deal is not like we are cutting the heads off of people like our enemies are.

    If Bush and Cheney are wrong then Pelosi and her crew are wrong lets string them all up.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:05 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • Republican presidential front-runner John McCain bluntly called waterboarding "torture and illegal" Wednesday morning, again challenging the Bush administration's defense of a harsh interrogation tactic that makes prisoners think they are drowning.

    But later the same day, McCain cast a vote against Democratic-sponsored legislation supported by anti-torture advocates that sought to ban waterboarding and other coercive tactics by the CIA.

    The Senate vote put McCain (R-Ariz.) on the same side as President Bush, who plans to veto the waterboarding ban. It also was consistent, his spokesman said, with statements McCain has made on the subject since 2005.

    There was legislation to BAN waterboarding by the dems

    Answer by sweet-a-kins at 11:08 AM on May. 15, 2009

  • The Army manual specifically bars waterboarding and seven other tactics: forcing a detainee to be naked, perform sexual acts or pose sexually; placing hoods or sacks over the head of a detainee; beatings, electric shock, burns or other forms of physical pain; threatening detainees with dogs; the use of temperature extremes to cause physical trauma; mock executions; and depriving detainees of necessary food, water or medical care.


    Answer by sweet-a-kins at 11:10 AM on May. 15, 2009