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How do you get 2 week old abandoned puppies to take bottle?

i've bought the milk replacement formula from walmart and the newborn bottle they had for puppies. But the puppies just dont seem like they understand. They will suck on it for a little bit and then they go searching for something else to suck on. IDK what i'm doing wrong! They need to eat more but they wont! Please help!


Asked by Mrs.Loeffel at 3:20 PM on May. 16, 2009 in Pets

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Answers (7)
  • Newborn pups need to be fed at least every 2 hrs. & as far as bottle the hole big enough for pup to get the milk out ? I had to keep checking on if the hole was big enough...turn bottle upside down with milk in u have to squeeze bottle to get a drop out of it ? If so then u need to enlarge the hole just a little more until, when u turn the bottle upside down...a drop can come out without the pressure put on the bottle... pup needs to taste the milk or he/she will look for something else to suckle on....or u can use a syringe or a eye dropper....what kind of pups r they ? we have chihuahua's.....Diane :-)

    Answer by dichihuahua at 11:13 PM on May. 17, 2009

  • Have you tried getting the tubs and syringes? you can buy them at pet stores, and you stick them in the back of their throat and slowly push the food in. Keep trying and don't give up. Try adding a little regular milk as well. Call a pet supply and ask them or a pet store.

    Answer by brailynsmama08 at 3:24 PM on May. 16, 2009

  • i would call a vet for advice. my female got mastitis when her babies were 3 weeks and she just had me start them on gruel mixed with puppy formula and they were fine

    Answer by Kennadismom at 5:58 PM on May. 16, 2009

  • Try putting the milk on your finger and then just open their mouths and stick the finger in once they taste it they should want more...Also check the hole on the nipple. Sometimes they don't have holes and you have to poke your own. Last but not least if you can't get them to nurse then you will have to resort to a dropper or a syringe like brailyn said.

    Answer by xXxLillithxXx at 11:40 AM on May. 17, 2009

  • In nursing kittens and puppies, I have learned that if they dont have the sucking ability yet, you will need to get an eye dropper or a medicine syringe and open their mouths gently, squeeze it in and be careful that they dont choke, if they do gently rub their chest until they stop coughing. Check the bottle to make sure there is a hole in the nipple, if you need anymore advice, I will be happy to help. Also, you need to keep them warm. I have always used a heating pad wrapped in a towel just high enough for it to feel warm.

    Answer by mybabyangels73 at 4:16 PM on May. 17, 2009

  • I had a litter of puppies that I had to bottle feed, their mother died when they were only a day old. I had a hard time getting them to nurse off the bottle, but they finally got the hang of it. You have to nurse them every few hours (day and night). You also have to stimulate their bottoms to make they go to the bathroom, they are not old enough to go on their own. Call your vet, they can give you the advice you need.


    Answer by bookay at 10:00 PM on May. 17, 2009

  • are they getting anything out of the bottles?? is the hole big enough?

    Answer by IMAMOM2-2KIDS at 2:01 PM on May. 18, 2009