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Are there any Orthrodox Jewish mommies on CM? If so, I have a question for you.

I'd like to know why do a lot of women seem to wear a lot of dark colors. Example: I was shopping with my oldest daugther and mom last night at the mall trying to find an age appropiate dress for her to attend her 5th grade end of the year dance in and I saw a Jewish mum and her daughter shopping as well, I assumed (I know it's wrong) they were Jewish because the mom was wearing her sheital and was dress very modestly(which I think is good). Her daughter looked to be the same age as my daughter and while she too was dressed modestly her clothes were in pinks and purples while her mom was dressed in mostly black and grey. I used to work at that mall and we had a lot of Jewish women shop there and I remember them all basicly looking the same. I understand the modesty issue while I may not wear exactly what some Jewish woman wear I do try to be more refined when it comes to what I wear and I make sure that both of my girls

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Asked by Ladybugkisses76 at 2:06 PM on May. 20, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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  • cont- are in age appropriate clothes as well. It shows respect for God, family and ones self. I just didn't know if certain colors were deamed inappropriate once you've reached a certain age or become a married woman.

    For those who may read this please know that I am in no way trying to offend anyone and that I tried my best to word my question in such a way as to not bring offense.

    Thank you.

    Answer by Ladybugkisses76 at 2:09 PM on May. 20, 2009

  • i have no answer exept that the darker colours are a bit more mature i guess while bright coours would be considered for young ones, although it could be really nice if you wear all black to add a spruce of colour like a hot pink belt and earings,,, something to that effect. I also noticed that newyorkers wear a lot of dark clours where on the west coast it's fairly more colourfull.

    Answer by mirit.rose at 2:32 PM on May. 20, 2009

  • It may depend on what is the norm in that community, as the "rules" can vary tremendously. Many women prefer the darker colors because they find them flattering, while others may do so because they feel it is more modest for a married woman to not wear bright colors that call attention to her body, while still others may do so because that is what their community leaders have told them is most appropriate, etc. Here, in my local community, many women wear brighter colors and even patterns, but the clothes are of a modest cut and the patterns are subdued. Just because a woman is orthodox or ultra-orthodox and dresses modestly doesn't mean she can't dress flatteringly, but unfortunately many woman still hold to the belief that if they dress to look good, then they are being too worldly and, therefore, by association, immodest.

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:43 PM on May. 20, 2009

  • I am an orthodox Jewish woman. We do not wear bright colors because it draws attention to us. I will tell you that I live in an orthodox community of approx. 1,800 orthodox families. For the most part you will see dark shades on the women. But I am generalizing when I say that. Not all women only wear the darker colors. There are women who do wear bright colors. I would like to point out that it does not say in the Torah that women are supposed to be ugly and unattractive. Actually, we should always look beautiful and presentable. There is a big difference between being attractive and attracting. Hope this helped.

    Answer by DvoraQD at 10:10 AM on May. 11, 2010

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