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Why do so many stepmoms think the ex is jealous of them?

I kicked my ex out he never held down a job and would not do anything around the house when he was in between jobs. I found out he was cheating the other woman text pictures of them together to me. She apparently wanted him to herself but did not realize he signed a prenupt and would leave the marriage with nothing if he cheated. I filed for divorce he got what he came into the marriage with. He got his car, his motorcycle and his clothes. I make a high 6 figure salary as a corporate attorney and he did not get a dime of my money.

He married the other woman. They had a child and he lost another job. She was a SAHM and told him they should sue for full custody and they could live off the child support. His mom told me all of this. We went to court. The judge upheld me having full custody him only having his two weekends. She now tells everyone I did that because I am jealous.

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:53 AM on May. 21, 2009 in Relationships

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  • Apparently, I am jealous because she plays stepmom to my kids 4 days a month. Sleeps with my ex who has a very tiny penis and never once gave me an Has a husband who is a loser and always will be. I am also jealous they just lost their home and now live with his parents. I am happily remarried to a neurosurgeon. We own 4 homes in Malibu, Cabo San Lucas, Florence Italy and in Jamacia. My husband is hung like a dang horse and I get an orgasm looking at This woman tells my kids I am vindictive and let them live in poverty when we are rich. My son told her to get a job it was not my responsibility to pay for my ex and his new wife. She said I am jealous she is younger. Honestly don't care. They are in for another money grab trying to get custody of our kids once again. My children don't even want to visit them anymore. I don't say anything negative about them to our children. Why is she this way?

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:58 AM on May. 21, 2009

  • I have no idea why it is this way! My stepmom is the same way. She seems to think she got some great prize and my Mom is foaming at the mouth to get it back. The reality is that my father left my Mom and started a new family with my stepmom. He never understood the concept of child support and my Mom worked very hard to raise us on no PA. We rarely saw my father and to even receive a card was a shock. Mom eventually remarried and has a wonderful life.

    I would like to add that my stepmom is a lush. She is also very low class, think "Peg Bundy" add 40 lbs and a blonde have her!

    Just ignore her, for it is SHE that is jealous of you.

    Answer by yourspecialkid at 11:59 AM on May. 21, 2009

  • I do not believe that all step parents think the mother of their husbands children are jealous. But when you act jealous that is what they think ( I don't mean you). I think that there are some step moms who do thrive off of making sure the kids like her more it is a thing of manipulation and exactly how woman are. My daughters step mom is the same way. They want to take the kids for my money. Now that I finally am going to court for child support they both are attacking me saying I am this and that, but it boils down to since I left him (or since she got pregnant by my daughters father he has not paid a dime on her.) So I understand. Its something you have to live with or not.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:04 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • sometimes they are. Otherwise, why would my husband's ex keep bothering us?

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:08 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • must be nice ...... why do you let it get to you, thats why she/he thinks your jealous! just let them live in their lies and regrets and by the way sounds like your doing a whole lot better without him! and if you ever wanna throw a house this way i'll take one lol jk ENJOY LIFE i'm sure you worked hard to get where your at but i don't even know anyone that rich- live it up!

    Answer by tonipaffel at 12:14 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • your kids will always, in heart, be on your side- even after they rebel and whatever they know whats right and wrong!

    Answer by tonipaffel at 12:18 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • Maybe you are acting jealous. Your whole rant seems like you are not happy. If you have everything you want, need, deserve and someone says "your jealous". You would think "huh, that's weird", not catalog every reason why you aren't jealous.

    Not to say that you are jealous of the ex or his new wife, but maybe just that things didn't work out as you had planned. or you don't feel a bond with your new huband. or you work so much and other's get to stay home. You should take this time to ask yourself some questions if this lady thinking things about you is bothering you so much.

    Answer by Niki_sd at 12:27 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • In our case the "ex" is jealous. My hubby and I are doing well financially and our two children are well taken care of. She works about 4 months out of each year and kinda wings the other 8. She has 3 children by 3 different men, and only my hubby takes care of his daughter. She has her child act as a spy at our house to say what we have and what we do. She constantly compares our girls to her DD to say what her child doesn't have. My DH and I use our incomes to take care of our children. He and the ex use their incomes to take care of their child, they match anything outside of CS 50-50. Its not our fault she refused to work year round, but wants her DD to live like a princess, because she thinks we make so much money and we are rich. I don't care what she says or thinks, eventually my SD will see the truth for herself and see her mom for what she truly is.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:37 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • I agree with nikki

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:52 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • Wait, let me get this straight, you are a corporate attorney and you have time to be bitching about some loser on cafemom hmmmmm

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:08 PM on May. 21, 2009

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