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What do you consider abusing food stamps?

My husband and I are going through a rough time and can't afford groceries at the moment. He's working full time and I just had a baby and can't afford daycare right now so I stay home, but in the fall we are both going to start school and I'm going to be working because I found a program that will assist in childcare as long as I'm working or going to school and I'll be doing both. But, until then we are kind of in a bind b/c even though my hubby works ALOT his job has cut his hours back and we are struggling. I don't want any drama, but I see tons of posts about how people abuse the system and I don't want to be one of them so I just want honest opinions, but no rude comments please :)

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:05 PM on May. 21, 2009 in Food & Drink

Answers (17)
  • If you need them, get them!
    In my opinion, the only way to abuse them is by getting them just because you qualify. I qualify for them but I don't need them so I don't get them.

    Answer by austinsmama1106 at 1:11 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • If you need the help then get it. That's my opinion. Lot's of people think I;m abusing it b/c I'm a stay at home mom. What they don't see is the fact that my son has autism and 4 therapy appointments a week and I can't get a job due to caring for him. However I am looking for a babysitting job so I can take him along and still get some extra cash =)

    Answer by Krystal.Ingalls at 1:15 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • If you need them because you are going through a rough time, you aren't abusing the system. You have a plan in place so that you will (hopefully) not need them for long. I would consider it abusing the system if you had to lie or falsify records of your ability to qualify for them or if you sold them for cash; otherwise you're just another family in need & this should help you get back on your feet. GL!


    Answer by BubbaLuva at 1:20 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • my husband used to work 40-50 hours a week. now he work 20-25 hours a week, now i need the help and i don't care what people say about it . i receive food stamp, wic and housing help. if you need the help and your family is in need that not abusing. you shouldn't care what people in this side have to say . you do what you need to do.


    Answer by Anonymous at 1:22 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • get them if you cant afford food! i dont consider it abuse if you cant possibly afford food no matter how tight you budget yourself & have done everything else in your power to make extra money & if you are only on it while you are getting things straight and working towards not needing them.

    Answer by sheilabug at 1:23 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • I consider abusing the system if one is lying about theirincome or living situation to qualify. I don't agree with the other posts that went around the other day saying that being a sahm because you don't want your kids in day care is crap. I am a sahm and receive state help, and I am happy about it cause I am blessed to be able to do so. theres too many downs to daycare.  If you need the help and qualify then take the help.


    Answer by Anonymous at 1:37 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • You are only abusing the system if you dont need them but you get them because you can. Or people that get unemployment get a job then quit so they can get it agian thats abusing the system. If you need the help then get it! There is nothing wrong with that but dont use it when your back up on your feet agian. Wait till you have everything undercontrol and dont get it anymore. Im on wic because i need that little bit of help and because i cant work i want to try to get on food stamps so i can provide for my baby when he is born. Im not ashamed of that. But i will only do it till im back up on my feet agian.

    Answer by Shelii at 3:33 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • If you need them, get them. That is what they are for. You've worked before, you hubby works, you've paid in. It's there for you.

    Answer by forevermom75 at 3:46 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • If you qualify with out lying and are working towards bettering your situation then you are not abusing anything you are just taking the opportunity to help your self and you family out of a tight spot.

    Answer by But_Mommie at 4:04 PM on May. 21, 2009

  • I do not feel you are going to abuse the system since you are so concered with what people think. What irritates me is when people think the are "Entitled" like I have seen this week or someone that has 7 kids following them around Walmart, or they speak no English. If someone honestly needs it that is fine, but just because they can is wrong!

    Answer by lapcounter at 4:39 PM on May. 21, 2009

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