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Disposable vs. Cloth

I've been debating weather or not I should use cloth diapers. I have always used disposable ones, and like the convience of just having to throw them away. But we all know these days money is tight, and if I could save money by switching to Cloth Diapers I think I would. What is everyones view on this? Are they really cheaper to use, or is that just all talk?

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Asked by ShiningStar24 at 7:26 AM on May. 23, 2009 in General Parenting

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  • There's an initial investment, but they are cheaper to use in the long run. Do go for the modern ones--they're a major improvement. has an overview of the basics.

    Answer by SWasson at 7:42 AM on May. 23, 2009

  • they seem more expensive, especially since its best to buy a bunch of them, but in the long run you're saving money because they are reusable! they are also more breathable, therefore there's less chances for diaper rash. I cd'd for a few months, but once my son outgrew the majority it was hard keeping up. plus SO was into it and I just lost motivation to stick with it. but it was cool while it lasted! the water bill didnt rise at all (you gotta do a lot of laundry), and my son never had a diaper rash. theres many many choices for cd'ing. you have prefolds, flat folds, fitteds, pockets, all in ones, and different types of covers. I alsways used as a resource and found great deals on you should also support the wahm's and buy ones they made! I have and they lasted long, were inexpensive and knowing they put work into it made me feel good to have my son wear them!

    Answer by Owl_Feather at 9:41 AM on May. 23, 2009

  • You can save several thousand dollars if you can control the addiction lol. There are so many choices and so many adorable prints its hard not to want them all. Join a cloth diapering group, you'll get tons of help there.

    Answer by sk_tennyson at 10:28 AM on May. 23, 2009

  • i bought 200 worth of diapers and at most another 200 in covers and samples back in 1998, well, I used those same 200 diapers for all my kids, plus two of my girlfriends kids and one of my sisters kids! the brand is motherease if you want to know. since not all diapers hold up for that many washings. They are not totally perfect looking and have some inner piling happening but they totally look and feel great to me besides they work perfectly, all snaps and threads are in good as new shape, just the fabric looks worn, some diapers look worse than others, the velcro ones didn't hold up though.

    Answer by Imamom4sure at 12:19 AM on May. 24, 2009

  • oops I forgot to mention that I had 4 kids of my own, so the 2 kids of my girlfriend were aged between my kids diaper needs and so was my sisters baby, that makes 7 kids and 10 years all using the same 200 dollars worth of diapers, back then they were brand new at 8 dollars a piece. Now they are about 12 dollars a piece.

    Answer by Imamom4sure at 12:22 AM on May. 24, 2009

  • plus they are convient! I never run out of diapers, never have to run to the store for them, no stinky trash or animals getting into the disposible, my sisters son would tear his diapers up just to make a hole for his penis (silly horny baby, LOL) and her dog would also tear them up. Another thing I never ever had a poop explosion something that was very common with disposible, heck, my girlfriend told me that her babies disposible was always squirting it up the baby's back, and more than once dripped out the side and poor momma was at grocery store with diaper poo dripping down onto her foot and all over her leg! And for folks used to disposibles there now are all in ones, so you dont' need a cover, and if you have a brand like motherease you'll never have poop leak out, and some folks nowadays are using G-diapers, which are half disposible, but not in the trash, the inside can be flushed down the toilet.

    Answer by Imamom4sure at 12:27 AM on May. 24, 2009

  • I do both, cloth in the house and sposies when we are out. Nikies diapers has a clearence section where you can get $9 pockets! i would get some pockets and prefolds and you are good to go!

    Answer by NoahsMomma418 at 1:15 AM on May. 24, 2009

  • I have definitely saved a lot of money by doing cloth. At first, I was skeptical, and I wondered how the heck we'd pay for it all up front, and then I realized (duh!) you don't *have* to buy all the dipes you need at once. So I bought a starter kit (like 30 bucks) and just added diapers when we could. I joined a site called and you can buy second hand (people are rated just like ebay, so you know you're not going to buy nasty diapers, it's a great forum). I was also able to find out what kind of diapers I liked better than the other. All in all I think we spent *maybe* 150 dollars on diapers and all that we needed to get started and our laundry bill, I haven't noticed a difference in anything. I have 3 kids, so I am already doing a lot of laundry, it hasn't seemed anymore difficult to do cloth.

    Answer by NoNonsenseMama at 4:57 AM on May. 25, 2009

  • We have saved money since we had a second. We didn't initially do cloth to save money, so I tried a lot of different things. However, now that I am reusing the diapers, it's great. I have spent $0 on the second baby diapering. I would say I spent about the same as disposables with the first. So, now I'm saving 50% over the two, and if we have a third, I will be able to reuse most of the diapers again!

    If cost is a factor, here's what you do. Go to green mountain diapers . com. Buy just prefolds. Buy covers. Buy a couple of snappis. Never ever look at cute pockets, all in ones, or anything else. You can just do prefolds, and save soooooooo much money.

    Answer by apexmommy at 10:36 AM on May. 25, 2009

  • The thing I found when I first switched to cloth is that it was so much easier than I thought it would be! Instead of tossing it in the trash, you toss it in a diaper pail. Sure, you have to wash them but when you're already doing umpteen loads of laundry a week, what's a few more.

    As for cost, it's like anything in can do it cheap or spend boat loads of money on it. There are package deals where you could basically diaper your baby from newborn to potty training for less than $250. Check out this link. It has a cloth vs. sposies comparison and well...lots of GREAT info for newbies.

    I used sposies on my first 3 children and switched when my youngest was 2 months old. I wish I had used cloth from the beginning. I'll never go sposie again!

    Answer by MamaJen74 at 5:13 PM on May. 25, 2009

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