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Did you watch John & Kate Plus 8 tonight ?

Well I have been waiting for tonights show forever it seemed like. I just saw John as being selfish really,he just sounds like he wants to be single,but I guess we will see how it all plays out.

It broke my heart to hear one of the little girls hug him and tell him that she doesnt want him to leave again.

What did you think ?

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Asked by 4mom247 at 12:15 AM on May. 26, 2009 in Entertainment

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  • Yes I did. I was a little disappointed on the outcome. I hope they work things out, but they never really gave a straight answer they just kept saying they were there for the kids. Did you hear about the rumor that Kate was having an affair with the sercurity? I think that was said bc of the situation with Jon. I dont know but im gonna keep watchin.

    Answer by jodie2008 at 12:23 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • Thats what I think about the rumors.Johns bad decisions were caught on camera,there is nothing but rumors about Kate. John seems to be going through a mid life crisis at an early age. He was ok when Kate was the one home all the time and he was working,he got a good taste of how hard it is mentally to be a stay at home parent. I hated that she pretty much planned the party without John,he needed a weenkend off is what he said,but he says he is there for his kids,and he does what in their best interest,then why wasnt he helping with their party like any good father would do.I hope they can work it out,but if not then Kate is more than capable of doing it on her own.I cant imagine what the kids are feeling.You know the older ones understand some.They have started helping out,Maddie wasnt seen screaming & crying in this episode,so you know she has alot on her mind.

    Answer by 4mom247 at 12:31 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • Yes, I watched it. It was really sad to watch in some parts. The part where it showed them as babies made me tear up. Anyways, I've always loved the show and will continue to watch to see the outcome. Jon is going thru a mid life crisis right now and its finally getting to him all the fame and money. They all need to go to counseling and work things out. You can't believe everything you read online or in the tabloids. They're all out to make money and sell the best story. I wish them luck, especially for the kids. I could never imagine raising 8 kids, raising 2 kids is plenty hard for me.

    Answer by sbrast35 at 12:37 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • I didn't get a chance to watch it. Heard there was a big fight that almost ended the show. Is this true, or just another rumor? It's hard to keep up since I don't have cable.

    Answer by ShiningStar24 at 2:21 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • I watched the entire show and didnt see any fight,they barley spoke to one another.Thats just one more rumor to add to the

    Answer by 4mom247 at 2:49 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • To those who don't have cable, you can still get online with TLC Learning channel and watch all episodes on their website.

    Answer by sbrast35 at 7:35 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • I didn't think it really confronted those issues a whole lot. Especially when at the end they were sitting there and were asked so what does the future hold? And they both just shrugged and were like "I dunno". Although, it sure looked painful for them to be sitting that close to eachother, not exactly affectionate.

    Answer by Pudge_Pie20 at 7:44 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • I didn't watch it...actually only watched it once and thought Kate was aweful!
    A neighboring church had her come speak...lots of people went...I couldn't...she is really not my ideal for a speaker on how to mother.
    And all the affair rumors and reporting on it...enough already!

    Answer by Coaching4kids at 8:53 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • Hey, all I can say is...When asked what the future holds for them they both said, "I am here for the kids", I was waiting for them to say, 'I love my wife" or "I love Jon", but nothing? Isn't that what a relationship is about when you get down to it?
    I also think there was a lot of extra hugging and kissing of the kids going on last night. I don't know if that was because of what's going on their life right now, or if they felt like they had to prove something to the viewers. Especially Kate, who has been accused in the media of not being affectionate with her kids.
    Well, I do think that if they want to stay together, they should see a counselor or something.

    Answer by LilyandEmmasMom at 9:01 AM on May. 26, 2009

  • I watched it and the whole thing sickened me. They were talking about issues that should have never been on national tv. The only way to save this marriage is to kick the cameras out of their home and start all over again. They say they are there for the kids, but its wrong to live like that and have the kids feel the tension. She resents him for his behavior and he resents her because she is gone all the time. All shes doing is out doing publicity crap and leaving her kids and I think he really resents that. I think I would too. I just felt like there was a lot of defending going on and they are trying to keep this story going so that they can make more money off of it. It ifs truly that hurtful then shut the damn cameras off, tell the paparazzi to go away and deal with your life. Sadly they have quit their jobs, made a career out of this and now they are stuck with their lives in the spotlight. They need to make changes.

    Answer by momofsaee at 9:08 AM on May. 26, 2009

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