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baby wont stop crying help!!

my 3 week old son has been good, hardly ever crying since we brought him home. all the sudden he just started crying and he wont stop unless i hold him, there's nothing wrong with him, hes not hungry. i don't know what to do! i can't just hold him all day! i have a million things to do but the second i set him down he starts screaming! help!

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Asked by jak89 at 5:32 PM on May. 26, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (10)
  • Colic maybe :/

    Answer by ryanlynn at 5:34 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • Maybe you could try one of the baby carrying slings until you figure out a better option.

    Answer by bizlady at 5:36 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • Ok- sometimes the colic won't come right away - up to 6 weeks -my son had colic from day 3 to 5 months. you can take him in to make sure its not an ear infection or if its gas/gerd/colic, they have gripe water you can try for colic - local pharmacy should have it - unfortunately nothing worked for my son - I asked for help from my mom and walked and cried and bounced and cried, rocked him and cried, slept when he did and said screw it to the things I had to get done -they will have to wait - your sanity is more important - email me if you have questions or need support. its UNREAL hard!

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 5:41 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • try putting the baby in a swing and put on soothing music while you do chores mine does that also and hes 2 months old have you changed milk lately ?if you haven't maybe his milk isn't agreeing with him anymore just think of some things that have changed maybe you have changed something in his schedule that he needs to get use to or colic talk to his doc

    Answer by sxyliljoker19 at 5:43 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • Sometimes my baby just needs to know someone is there. I don't think holding is spoiling. I would definitely try a sling or wrap. Try wearing your baby in it with nothing on but a diaper and have him next to your skin. Sometimes babies just need a little more TLC sometimes.

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:47 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • This is exactly what happened to us, my son had severe colic and GERD, also known as acid reflux. It took him about three weeks to show symptoms and as a new mom I had no clue as to what was going on. To make a very painful a long story short, we ended up putting him on prevacid and changing his formula to Alimentum. The Alimentum was a life saver! I noticed a difference in my son immediately, he was so much calmer and was then able to actually sleep. At three months we started adding rice cereal to his formula which cured him all together. Gripe water and rubbing baby's tummy to help move gas around helped somewhat, but its all temporary. If indeed it is colic or gerd, time will be the only thing that can get rid of the problem, however there are other tricks that can help make life easier in the meantime. Email me if you have any questions please, I am here to help!

    Answer by myakita3 at 5:54 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • Sounds like colic. The baby back pack things are a life saver. Depending on weight of child you can have him in front or back of you. Try having a friend come over and play with the child. Sometimes while wearing socks loose threads get wrapped around their piggys and can be very painful. Happened to my daughter. Is your child having soft stool? A rise in tempature? Could be teething. Good luck

    Answer by Glickstein at 5:56 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • I also think this is colic. The 5 s's was the only thing that worked. And trust me, I tried everything.

    Expect to hold the colicky baby a lot. Just find a comfy pillow/chair and resign yourself to that fact and it will be much less frustrating. Let the other things go and ask someone for help if there are things you must do.

    Answer by dawpea at 6:03 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • You need to realize that you baby needs you (even if he is not hungry, tired, wet, etc.) and you may need to hold him all day! Get a sling (or soft front pack carrier, or mobi wrap or something) so you can hold him and do things at the same time.

    There is nothing that you need to get done that is more important than him. (I know you already know that, but sometimes it helps to hear it form someone else!)

    Answer by maggiemom2000 at 6:18 PM on May. 26, 2009

  • gas? my son did that after a few days of being home he wouldnt stop crying, so we went and bought some gas drops-miracle in a bottle!!!

    Answer by EthansMommy5 at 6:20 PM on May. 26, 2009

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