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What is it like giving birth naturally?

I am really scared of the whole giving birth topic. I am a first time mom and i've heard that it hurts alot. And where am from we don't really have the comfort of choosing our method of child birth. And so far everyone I've spoken to has told me that my downstairs might tear during birth and so forth.. I really need someone who has giving birth vaginally to let me know what it's like and how long did it take for you to heal?

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Asked by Anonymous at 7:40 PM on May. 27, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (25)
  • yes it hurts you can get an epidural.. yes you tear sometimes they cut you to avoid massive tears .. with out an epi you feel everything ..

    Answer by Mrs.Owen86 at 7:43 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • I was induced with my first and did it without drugs. I have been told being induced is worse than natural. It was horrible and nothing like my other 2 deliveries, so I really don't think my delivery was normal. I had a terrible sore throat from screaming and I took probably a week to get my strength back. Honestly my other deliveries were nothing like my first. I think something wasn't right with it! Lol! But it makes for a great story!! And even though it was a nightmare I have gone on to have more kids and am pregnant with number 4. So I guess it was not too bad. :-)

    Answer by micheledo at 7:50 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • I have had 2 kids vaginally, one with an epi and one without. They both have their pros and cons. With the epi you still feel pain but not as much but I couldn't really feel the pressure that I needed to push properly so it took longer to push him out. I did tear down there but didn't feel until the epi wore off and I was already sewn up. They gave me ice and stuff to make it more comfortable until it healed.
    Without the epi it hurt a lot more at the very end like 9-10cm and then I felt the urge to push and I only pushed once and she came out. so it was significantly shorter labor and pushing time. I tore again and felt it and even when I was being sewn up and they "numbed" the area I could still feel it and that really surprised me because I had not experienced that kind of pain before.
    We are now expecting #3 and I'm still not sure what we are going to do. I guess we'll just see how things go.Good luck.

    Answer by lil_angel00 at 7:51 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • I was going to add that I think going natural would have been better if I had a better coach. My husband pretty much passed out and the awesome nurse got me through it. Without her I don't know if I would have been able to make it.

    Answer by lil_angel00 at 7:52 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • Oh, and don't worry about tearing or being cut. You won't feel it at all either because of pain meds or because the labor pains will cover the pain from tearing! I am really sorry if I am making you more nervous. The pain is only temporary though. Once the baby comes you will start feeling better! Those little smiles and gazes are great pain medication!!!

    Answer by micheledo at 7:52 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • i sincerely recommend the best thing u will ever know: the epidural. lol
    i was induced with my DD n the meds they gave me to get it going (petocin) were going too strong in the IV that i didnt stop havin contractions. no joke.
    so i was beggin them for the epidural (i was against taking any meds).
    about the delivery::
    i had an episiotomy (didnt want it but glad i got it cuz i woulda tore even more)
    n even tho i had the episiotomy, i still tore pretty bad.
    i aint gonna lie, it hurt like a bitch after the epi wore off. they put a pampers swaddlers diaper that had been cut open n ice put in it in muh panties so it felt a lil better.
    n the sitz baths didnt work for me at all. they gave me a squirt bottle to "bath" muhself down there n that was muh only refuge. i did that everytime i went to the bathroom. but when i tore, i tore all the way through muh perenium to muh anus. i had terrible issues with fissures and (contd)

    Answer by momma323 at 8:44 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • constipation. i had to have prescription suppositories and monthly check ups for muh fissure. it suckeddd. u know how they want u to poop before u get discharged from the hosp? well i pooped 2 hours after giving birth so that wasnt an issue, they said i was doin great in that category. but the day after i came home i sat on the toilet for THREE HOURS tryin to go to the br. n it was juss me here at home so i was very thankful the bby slept the entire time. lol. i couldnt even sit down. i had to juss stand. finally the next day (i had to take muh DD to the dr cuz she had some issues from birth) i went to the br n couldnt stand it. i finally went. i stopped up their toilet n was the happiest ever to finally have relief. n that was all becuz of the tearing.
    but dont b too worried. they said i juss didnt have alot of elasticity down there as most women. im sure ull do juss fine. its all worth it in the end. GL- ne more ??'s, PM me

    Answer by momma323 at 8:51 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • Yes you may tear, but you probably won't feel it and it's not near as big of a deal as it's made out to be. Your body releases hormones that along with the counter pressure of the babies head, numb you down there to a point that you don't feel tearing. I was terrified of this with my first pregnancy, but tore twice and didn't know it. It never hurt. She was only 7lbs 6 oz, 19 in. My ds was 9 lbs 23 in. and I didn't tear at all. My ds was my natural birth and it was incredibly hard but beautiful and amazing and I would do it again in a heart beat. You have to be prepared for it. Try joining a Bradley Method class, at the least buy the book- it's wonderful and will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to have a natural birth. I swear, you will learn so much about your body by reading it. You can find it at most libraries or order it on cheap. I HATED my epi. Join Birth is Normal on here to learn a lot.

    Answer by Chick at 9:32 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • What do you mean you don't have the comfort of choosing your method of birth? Do you mean you will be in a hospital or that you won't have the availability of drugs or what?

    Answer by Chick at 9:33 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • Oh to answer your last question, it takes just a few weeks to feel normal again down there, about 2-3 weeks for me. But you feel MUCH better after the first few days. You may still be "big" vaginally for a while, about 6 weeks was what it took me. But I didn't really hurt, it's just a little uncomfortable and walking will make it worse at first, rest as much as possible.

    Answer by Chick at 9:36 PM on May. 27, 2009

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