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Does anyone have any great ideas for keeping a 14 year old boy busy during the summer.

He is too young to get a real job and I work during the day so I can't drive him anywhere. I don't want him sitting and playing XBox all summer, any advice? I know he will be calling me all day for food and "I'm bored". I'm dreading it!

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:03 PM on May. 27, 2009 in Teens (13-17)

Answers (11)
  • Have him take up mowing yards, dog walking or get him involved in volunteer work in your hometown. He can help paint houses or get him in the big brother/littler brother program. Can he join a summer program that he can go to for a few days a week?

    Answer by brailynsmama08 at 8:05 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • Is there any friends playing any sports this summer, maybe you could set him up a ride to the local ball park to play or to swim lessons with a buddy and another mother...

    Answer by mom2twobabes at 8:05 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • I know its not all summer, but camp is amazing. I live in California and this camp named mountain meadow ranch was amazing. My kid had so much fun there. The week he was gone was such a relief too.

    Answer by carollieberman at 8:06 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • Have him volunteer! Most humane societies in our area have a minimum age of 13 for volunteers, special olympics always needs help, and I'm sure there are older people in your community who could use someone to read to them and do simple things that are not so simple like changing lightbulbs. Give him some household responsibilities, like creating a meal plan for the week and preparing simple meals, taking care of the pets, ect. If he wasn't given summer reading, create a list for him. Make him choose a topic that is interesting to him and have him learn everything there is to know about it and teach you about it at the end of the summer. Keep him busy, learning, feeling useful, and in supervised situations whenever possible. As for the XBOX, I'd take it to work with me and let him play it on the weekends when I was home with him. Be glad he calls and checks in, at least you have an idea what he is doing.

    Answer by Allison_17 at 8:21 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • Give him chores that he has to accomplish while you are at work. Have him read books and write a report on the books he reads (ask his teacher for suggestions).

    Answer by tyfry7496 at 11:06 PM on May. 27, 2009

  • Be happy he's calling you!! Camp sounds great , but they can be $$. Volunteering would be your town and see if there are any opportunities. Maybe the neighbors need help with work around their homes. The library can be a good place for him to go maybe one day a week.
    Have him do things like painting the steps or fence, clean and organize his room...maybe redecorate it...clean the garage or basement (maybe for extra $) or baking something... have a friend (that you like) over and/or have him go there. Call other moms to see what their kids are doing this summer.

    Answer by dflygirl7 at 7:36 AM on May. 28, 2009

  • Have earn his allowance by mowing the lawn and other things like weeding the yard and watering the plants! And suggest for him to go the movies with his friends! Or! Suggest for him and his friends to go to a park! Becasue there are parks that have skate boarding! Or! you could sign him up to take a class on babysitting! Or! There are summer programs or summer camps!

    Answer by babyboomer1957 at 8:57 AM on May. 28, 2009

  • I have a 13 year old boy. I liked the idea of volunteering. He housesits for the the people next door, though. He gets there paper and makes sure everything is alright while they are gone. It is enough responsibility at this point. I've thought about helping him find one yard to tend to. His friend housesits and cares for an elderly couples cat. What is cool about those who have people come over and watch their place is often they'll leave an ice chest of soda or something special just for the kids.

    Answer by Alexis124 at 10:14 AM on May. 28, 2009

  • everyone had such a better idea then me, I thought 14 year old girl (j/k). I liked the idea of him making money by mowing lawns,babysitting, etc. If he doesn't like that idea, could you get him to run a prog. such as finding kids, finding lawns, and being the middle man.
    do you have things he could sell on craigslist?
    their are so many things a child can do, my problem is I don't have the money to send my DD to camp or the other million things to do in our town.
    Can he take a video and document his summer, or make a movie, that would keep a kid very interested, maybe have a big movie night for the kids right before school to show off his video.

    Answer by lexisandjayden at 12:43 PM on May. 28, 2009

  • My parents had no problem with this. We worked in the tobacco fields. We had our kids do chores at home and work at my dad's farm. If you don't have any "work" for them, get them involved with Habitat for Humanity, the soup kitchen, working at the Thrift Store or anything that is community service based. It will help them with their college applications when asked for community service and it really helps them see that they may not actually have things as badly as they sometimes think.

    Answer by jesse123456 at 6:26 PM on May. 28, 2009

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