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What exactly do wiccans believe in?

I'm not being rude, I just honestly would like to know. I don't know anyone personally that follows that belief.

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:38 PM on May. 28, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

Answers (6)
  • We are nature based religion that believes in a Goddess and God. A very good website about this faith is
    look up wicca

    Answer by fireball1978 at 9:44 PM on May. 28, 2009

  • Here are a few links that may help answer your questions... if you wish to know more you can pm me any time or any other pagan-wiccan-witch here on cm...




    But plz keep in mind that being Wiccan is and can be as diverse as you wish... there are NO set way... you pick and chose what parts of Paganism/Wicca that fits you... Also you will read that Witchcraft is also a part of Wicca, but not ALL Wiccans are Witches nor are ALL Witches Wiccan or Pagan...



    Answer by gmasboy at 10:06 PM on May. 28, 2009

  • What I've found is that you could ask 100 Pagans what their beliefs are, and you could end up with 100 different answers.
    In case you didn't know (and not everyone does) you can be a Pagan and not be Wiccan. Sort of like you can be Methodist without being Christian. That's how I explain it to most people, for me, I'm a Pagan but I'm also a Witch. However, I am not Wiccan.

    Answer by daisy521 at 11:28 PM on May. 28, 2009

  • These ladies gave out some great advice.

    Wiccans honor the goddess(some honor the god too but some dont just depends on the tradition followed). They honor nature and the harvest times of the year. They follow the Rede which basically says to do what you will but just dont harm anyone, including yourself. Which, btw, is harder then it sounds LOL. They also follow the 3-fold law which means what you put out will come back at ya 3x as hard. Which means its best to do good cuz who wants bad coming back at you threefold LOL.

    Those are some basics.

    Answer by Amaranth361 at 10:54 AM on May. 29, 2009

  • Thank you for answering my question...I did check out some of the sites you mentioned, and it is totally fascinating..
    Although i'm Christian, I love to learn about other religions. I had the totally wrong idea about Wicca Beliefs. Now, I know a little more, and think differently about this group. Honoring nature should be a part of everyone's religion. Thank you again.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:12 PM on May. 29, 2009

  • You got some great advice....

    I just want to say thanks for being open-minded and willing to change your opinion.

    We need more folks like that in the world!

    Answer by geminilove at 6:16 PM on May. 29, 2009

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