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almost 1 year old off of drinking Lactaid....This is a long one haha.

My daughter had to drink Alimentum Formula "it's for allergy's"
Newho Yesterday I bought some for her to start drinking, well it seemed like she liked it and so I gave her 4oz 4 times yesterday...WIC told me it might make her stool loose witch it did...well today/tonight before i put her to bed she was REALLY red on her crouch area and it hurt when I used a wipe to clean her off...So should I tell WIC that it's making her have a rash?? Because they told me if Lactaid didn't work they had a special milk?? not to sure what that wud be...

but has anyone else had this problem???
and Do you think I should still give it too her?? "maybe she has to get use to it?"

If not what could i give her then?? cuz WIC won't be open till Monday...and I've been giving her milk before naps and bedtime.

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Asked by nicole0709442 at 9:23 PM on May. 29, 2009 in General Parenting

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  • I would give it a little more time, put some diaper rash cream on it or give her a bath w/ some baking soda in the water to help it heal. If she has dhiarria (sp) it could be a yeast infection rash & u would need a prescription to clear that up (or I think they have an over the counter rash cream to help w/ those). Until u figure out what the rash is & how to clear it up just pat the skin lightly to clean her up it wont hurt as much. If the rash is not gone by mon. & u r still concerned call ur dr first before informing WIC is what I would do. As for the formula my DD was on Neocate Infant Formula until just recently that WIC paid for. It is the most extreme hypoallergenic formula out there (I believe) it smells funny & made her stools stink bad but it worked well for us. Very expensive though like $43 for one of those powdered cans & most places do not stock it so u have to order it from the pharmacy. Hope she feels better!

    Answer by Mel30248 at 9:45 PM on May. 29, 2009

  • I think you should decrease the oz. Put in 1oz of the lactaid and the rest in her formula. The switch can cause diarrhea, so it is better to make it very gradual. For the rash, get some Aveeno oatmeal bath (the powder packs) and use some vaseline or A&D ointment to protect the skin in case the diarrhea continues. Good Luck! I'm about to make the change to Cows milk and I am very nervous about it myself. If it continues once you've slowed it down, then definitely talk to WIC.

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 9:48 PM on May. 29, 2009

  • dang thats alot of money for just one thing...thank god for WIC....and thanks for the advise i really appreciate that!!! now how much baking soda do i put in the bath water?? and if she drinks some of the water wud it be bad for her??

    Answer by nicole0709442 at 9:53 PM on May. 29, 2009

  • She's done with formula....WIC won't let me have coupons for it since she's almost one...but yeah I'll start giving her less and just give it to her twice a day stead of 4 times a day...and yeah I'm still nervous cuz the past 3 months i only give her a bottle for naps and bedtime and the rest of the day i use sippy cups...but now..I'm just worried when i do take her completly off of the bottle she wont go to sleep for me....But thanks for the advice!

    Answer by nicole0709442 at 9:58 PM on May. 29, 2009

  • Put about 2 tablespoons baking soda in some lukewarm water & let her soak for a bit. I havent used this method yet since I learned about it from a friend just today! I dont think that if she drank a little bit of water w/ baking soda in it that it would hurt her, u may/probably have given her something to eat at some point that has baking soda in it so I wouldnt worry. If the rash is not cleared up by mon. then call your dr's office to see what they say & ask about it being a yeast infection rash we have had a time or two where we didnt think of it as being a yeast infection rash for several days & my poor DD suffered because of it :(!

    Answer by Mel30248 at 10:26 PM on May. 29, 2009

  • It's called allergies. Lactose is not what causes allergies. The proteins are. You need to pull her off the milk immediately.

    Answer by MoonLover06 at 11:04 PM on May. 29, 2009

  • If she was on Alimentium because of a milk & soy formula allergy, then why in the world are you giving your daughter Lactaid? Lactaid IS milk with the milk sugars removed to ease digestion, but children with milk & soy formula allergies are allergic to the proteins, not the sugars, therefore, she should not be getting any milk. There are specialized formulas (Neocate, Elecare, E028 Splash, etc.) for children who have milk & soy allergies that either your insurance or WIC can help you purchase, but you will need a doctor's prescription for them. These formulas are elemental formulas that contain none of the proteins found in either dairy or soy formulas/drinks and are typically completely hypoallergenic for most children.

    Answer by mom2aspclboy at 7:11 AM on May. 30, 2009

  • Well I was giving it to her because WIC said thats the kind of milk she cud drink...If it doesnt work then they have this Special milk for her....So i guess i shouldnt listen to WIC anymore

    Answer by nicole0709442 at 9:16 AM on May. 30, 2009

  • It sounds like a cowmilk allergy. Try a fortified ricemilk or soymilk or hempmilk.

    Answer by rkoloms at 9:32 AM on May. 30, 2009

  • It's called common sense. The can of formula says for Milk and Protein Allergies - I know because my DD had to be on Neocate if I wasn't going to BF her. Lactaid says on the package that it's for lactose intolerance.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:40 PM on May. 30, 2009

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