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my son is going to be 3 and will not use the toliet

my husband and i have tried to give treats, giving stickers, and giving prizes im stuck i dont know what else to do.

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Asked by lockleargang8 at 7:01 PM on May. 30, 2009 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • Heck, your lucky! Mines bout to turn 4 and just started pooping in the potty. He now pees in the potty all the time...and stands up for that now. But he hasnt been potty trained completely for long.

    Answer by angie_david at 7:03 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • he may just not be ready my daughter is 3.5 and shes now at a point where at home she can wear panties all day and may ask when out to get on the potty. i thought shed never get potty trained but one day she just walked into the bathroom and peed on the potty. so maybe just back off for a bit and see if he takes the initiative to do it himself. my daughter is very independent so i think it was one of her ways of showing us she will do things on her own time, and that was fine w/us

    Answer by vabchmommy at 7:08 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • Will he sit on it? Are you having problems with him even being willing to sit? Or is it that he sits but won't go? With sitting, I gave my son a treat just for sitting on it, with actually peeing-well, I don't know. I just keep putting my 2 year old on hoping I will catch him in the act one of these days! Lol!

    Answer by micheledo at 7:30 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • Is he afraid of the big potty? do you have an adaptable top to put on your toilet or a childs potty chair that he can use by himself? Ask him if there is a reason why he won't use the potty?
    Summer is also easier to potty train any child. My grandson was having a difficult time due to going back and forth. One weekend he was with me and he only wore underwear onthe bottoms and he used the toilet all weekend even at night. That was the last he needed a diaper. There were occasional accidents but they were never made a big deal of.. No more problems.

    Answer by seasidegrandma at 7:40 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • My son will be 3 in June and we haven't even started potty training yet. We've talked about it with him, but I'm holding off until I'm done work (I work in a school) in three weeks and can be home with him all the time. I plan on teaching him to pee standing up using cereal in the toilet for him to aim at and "sink", and getting an adapable seat for the big toilet for when he poops. Don't stress too much because he will pick up on that. Try and let him lead the way and don't make it into a power struggle because it so not worth it. Eventually he will be potty trained, but on his schedule.

    Answer by canadianmom1974 at 9:05 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • my lil girl will be 3 in August and just started using the potty last August. i think the answer to any challenge with children is persistence. every time your son drinks or eats something make him sit on the potty for about 5 minutes. sooner or later he's sure to pick it up. he'll think "oh so this is what i should do my business in".

    Answer by dandymama at 10:42 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • we try ed the just sittin on the tolite and then he plays in the toliet, we tryed the cuting up pieces of toliet paper tryin to have him shoot them were tryin slow with him just tryin to do it now cause we have 2 in diapers if we get him out of diapers and with him in them we have 3 in diapers

    Answer by lockleargang8 at 11:31 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • my dd was just shy of 4 when she was finally completely potty ds is pretty much following that same pattern.....their last ped said not to worry unless they are 5 or older and not potty trained.....his own son was 5 before he was completely potty trained.....3 - 4 seems to have become the "norm" for kids being potty trained by.....i know some are ready earlier and are done earlier....sadly my kids don't fall in that category! think 3 - 4 is actually a good age....they are more aware of what it means and how it feels when they need to go and a lot of them can express themselves better by then too.....i wouldn't sweat it too much at this point

    Answer by bigblueeyes at 11:43 PM on May. 30, 2009

  • ok this is gunna sound kinda wrong but just son is going to be 3 in june and I tryed everything that ppl would tell me and nothing worked till 3 weeks ago my sons uncle got him to pee on our car tires and off the porch at our house...its sounds bad but my son thaught it was fun and then I would tell him ok if u wanna be a big man like daddy and uncle newnew u gotta pee in the potty and slowly he started to come in the house and go! now he is completly potty trained durring the day I am just working on him being so grumpy at night lol good luck

    Answer by soldierswife11 at 1:47 AM on May. 31, 2009

  • I tried everything to get my older son potty trained by 3, he just wasn't ready. So I waited for him to let me know. About a month before he turned 4 he started running for the potty on his own. He now only needs a diaper/pull up at night, he turned 4 in March.

    Answer by Jenniy at 2:50 AM on May. 31, 2009

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