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I'm fully prepared for my labor and delivery but I'm TERRIFIED of needles and the epidral is scaring the crap out of me. How bad does it hurt when they do it? I'm so scared of getting one but I know I won't be ableto handle the birth without it...

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Asked by 1st_time_mom855 at 3:30 PM on May. 31, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • it didn't hurt at all for me. I got the "saddle block". It was funny because they stopped and goes "am I hurting you", I said no, I was told it hurts so I am bracing myself. I never felt it...He hadn't even touched me when he asked.

    Answer by aimige at 3:32 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • You'll feel a burn, but it doesn't last for too long. I was the same way as you are. Just don't get yourself worked up over it and try not to think about it. If you sit really still, it helps them do their job better and there's less chance for problems.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:33 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • mine wanst that bad ive had 4 epis for 2 babys....

    they give a numbing shot that stings for about 10 seconds... then they tap and push your back.. then you feel pressure and its over...

    the pressure is them putting the epidurl into your spine.. sometime you can feel it moving down your spine but its just a creepy feeling not a painful one//

    Answer by 2cuteboysrmine at 3:35 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • ok listen with all the pain you will be having the thought of that needle will fade away. all you feel is a stinging kinda feeling, now with that ep some woman have really bad back pain after that like myself i have really bad back pain and mind you my oldest daughter is now 2yr and i still have back pain from that ep. now if u dont want the ep u will feel ur baby coming out in trust what i say it hurts like heel i went without the ep with my 2nd baby shes now 2mo and girl let me tell you i would never do it again but i'm now pregnant with triplets and trust me i'm not looking forward to feeling that pain lol but best wishes and good luck girl

    Answer by My2ButterFlys at 3:52 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • I have 2 kids that are 6 and 3. I am so scared of needles...almost pass out from the flu shot! So, my plan going in to delivery was go as long as i could (but not too long-i knew i wanted the epidural) without it and did the brithing class stuff like the bathtub, birthing ball, etc. THey gave me staydol (spelled wrong sorry) and it calmed me a little. finally the contractions were so brutal even with the meds that i said bring on the epidural man! again...i am so afraid of needles but at that point i didn't care. they could have run me over with a truck to take the pain away and i wouldn't care. with my 2nd staydol and it was a little bit of a burning sensation but after about 2 seconds is when the magic took over! I LOVE EPIDURALS!!! the only way to go in my opinion. good luck mama! you will do just great!

    Answer by corid at 4:07 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • Before choosing an epidural, educate yourself on the potential risks to you and your baby. Here is an article to help you get started:

    Answer by rkoloms at 4:08 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • i was terrified too girl. i cried and even though i knew i wanted it i was told it hurt like hell too. the numbing shot is what hurts and it doesnt last long. you're just so damn scared and in pain from the labor it makes it worse. just remember it doesnt last long i promise. the actual epidural doesnt hurt, you just have to sit still. and once its in thats it. no more worries.
    it doesnt last long at all. and its totally worth it.

    Answer by jewels912 at 4:12 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • I had one with both mine the first one was awful the second one wasnt I regret the second one I was pressured into it

    Answer by hedtrippe at 6:34 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • The epidural rocks!! lol.. I was in so much pain that I didn't even feel the freaking thing!!

    It was so nice afterwards too, cause the delivery went easily after that.. it was a god send. =)

    Answer by SinCitiChick at 10:32 PM on May. 31, 2009

  • im scared to death of needles also but this is what i did with the epd. I first was induced so i slept through most of the pain i got the epd when i was 7 dilated. Dont look at the needle trust me it does not hurt at all and its like a miracale on how the pain goes away so fast. Just think happy thoughts. I just found out im a month prego cant wait and yes i will be getting an epd. with this one too

    Answer by tomsjennabean at 1:43 PM on Jun. 1, 2009

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