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mucus plug?

This is probably WAY too much info but I am 24 weeks pregnant(going on 25) and a couple days ago I had to go #2 and when I wiped I had some mucus tinged with brown and what looked like old blood(it wasn't red) but when I wiped after pee I didn't have it. Then to day I had the same thing when I went #2 with what looked like a piece of string tinged with brown and old looking blood(only a little) and also been having alot of pressure in my back and groin area. I have never had hemroids(think I spelled it wrong) so I don't know if it could be that or if it's possible to lose part of your plug through your bum? I know it's a crazy question and I have looked on the internet for an answer and I don't want to rush to call the OB and look like an idiot(it's my third baby). Any ideas would be welcome and please no rude comments as I'm getting a little nervous. Thank

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:31 PM on Jun. 1, 2009 in Pregnancy

Answers (5)
  • go get checked it could be i sign of early labor better safe then sorry that doesnt sound the greatest it maybe not be your plug but if you have mucus in your stool it could be a sign of infection

    Answer by J_L_Fshr at 2:35 PM on Jun. 1, 2009

  • You cant poop out your mucous plug! Your vagina and butt are not connected so that is not possible

    Answer by Jaydin_Makenna at 2:44 PM on Jun. 1, 2009

  • Well first and for most the mucus plug is located inside the cervix to protect you from developing infection in the uterus during pregnancy so there is absolutely NO way for you to lose your mucus plug through you rectum. If you ARE having mucus in your stool this could be an indication of a lactose or milk protien intolerance as well as possible infection.

    HOWEVER, it DOES sound like you are losing parts of you mucus plug. I always lost parts of mine at the end of my last pregnancy with a bowl movement. The pressure from pushing can make some slip out if you are already dialated and it's just sitting there.

    Normally this is NOT a problem because the mucus plug regenerates HOWEVER, since you are seeing blood in the mucus this indicates that you may have been losing MP for a while now and this could be part of the MP that is closer to the uterine opening.

    Any blood tinged mucus SHOULD be reported to your doctor if

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:05 PM on Jun. 1, 2009

  • this occurs before 36 weeks which your HAS.

    I would recommend a call to your OBGYN or your Midwife just to be certain. They may say "Just wait it out and if you have any more preterm labor signs call" or they may want you to be examined just to be sure.

    A friend of mine lost her mucus plug and had bloody show at 25 weeks and then went into preterm labor at 27 weeks. They were able to stop it but if she hadn't been reporting these things to the doctor he may not have known to have her check for contractions and dialation.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:08 PM on Jun. 1, 2009

  • Thanks for the answers! I'm going to call the OB just to be sure. I just didn't want to look like an idiot but I've never had this with either one of my kids.

    Answer by Anonymous at 3:16 PM on Jun. 1, 2009

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