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what do you do when your 13 year old son starts being disrespectful towards you in front of other people ?

my son is being so diffecult waht do i do it's only with me not my husband he would never he respects my husband 100% me not so much waht am i doing wrong?

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:47 AM on Jun. 2, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (10)
  • I try to deal with it with humor so I don't kill the kid. I say something like (to the other adults) "wow, am I embarrassed or what? I took him in as a stray and fed him and look how he treats me". THEN, I do the silent treatment on the way home (again to make sure I don't go nuts). I have to calm down so I can think clearly. THEN when I'm calm I call a family meeting and ask him and others how they would have felt in the same place. I then as HIM (and my other kids) what they think the right thing to do would be. I put the ball back in his court. I didn't have a repeat incident. If I'm not in such a good mood and in control I simply ask (at the time of the incident) Are you SURE you want to talk to me like that? That usually works real well! They fear retribution so they cut the crap. Good luck.

    Answer by admckenzie at 1:02 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • Well first I'd be shocked since I don't have a 13 year old son.

    Then I would politely excuse myself and the child and go have a talk with them, letting them know that is absolutely not acceptable.

    Further punishment would be as needed.

    Answer by Selena at 1:02 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • He probably has a friend that does it to his parents and he thinks it's cool. You should ask his friends if they do that to their parents or tell him he can't do anything until he starts to respect you... he's not to old to be grounded. good luck

    Answer by Jan0609momma at 1:10 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • I don't know if you believe in corporal punishment or not, but this would definitely be one of those times where it's needed. Me personally, I would have popped him in the mouth right there in front of everybody && embarrass him just like he did me, then dare him to say somethin else.

    Answer by HisMommySince07 at 1:15 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • You have to show him that you are boss. It's time to get tough. Kick him in the butt and make him straighten up. I would also smack his mouth.. it's not like you're going to hurt him, he's probably bigger than you are. The key is to make them scared of you at that age. Make him think you are crazy and capable of doing anything. If my daughter lied to me about where she was, I would track her down, throw her in my car and drive her butt home. I don't care if she was embarrassed... all her friends were afraid of little 5 ft 2" me. It was great.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:29 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • He isn't to big to spank. (the words straight from my brothers case worker, and my brother is 16) His case worker offered to hold him down to my mom could whip his ass. I would probably smack the crap outta him right there, he won't soon do it again. I hate the no spanking crap, if people would spank there kids, they wouldn't be so rude( not speaking to you, just in general)


    Answer by clovismommy25 at 1:45 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • Chew his ass out right in front of everyone, so what if people think you are a lowsy mom and your son gets embarrassed. Bet it wont happen again.

    Answer by tessiemae41 at 1:46 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • I agree tessie. I would embarrass the hell out of my teen if he was rude to me in front of other people. It sounds like he is doing it to embarrass you and he thinks you will not doing anything in front of others. I would call his bluff.

    Answer by Magpie75 at 2:18 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • Well it depends. I realized long ago that I am moody and inconsistant. I have a joking sarcastic sense of humor. When my son started talking to me the same way, I thought he was being disrespectful. We had a long talk about learning when it is ok to say some thing and when it is not. It is about reading people. Remember your kids don't know when you are in a bad mood and will react with an "adult" sense of humor. I think my son is just now learning when to say a joke and when I am not in the mood. I have taught him that while some people don't mind being made fun of and joked about, I am deeply offended by it. Please really have a sit down. Part of this is you and part is him.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:20 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

  • I don't think that sending the message to your child that hitting solves problems is the right solution.
    At 13, taking away privleges and expecting an apology to all involved is appropriate. I would absolutely ask him why he thinks that it is ok for him to speak to anyone that way; I can't imagine that this is behavior that he sees at home.

    Answer by rkoloms at 5:37 AM on Jun. 2, 2009

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