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Is meconium in your water after it breaks

that bad of a thing? I was just wondering about it because it always seemed like the doctor just wanted to hurry things up since I was only 1cm dilated and stayed that way with mild contractions for three hours. I understand that it can mean that the baby is stressed, but his heart rate was perfectly normal. They wouldn't let me walk around or anything to get things moving along. I just sat in bed while different nurses walked in and out then finally the doctor came in telling me all the serious problems that could happen and that I should just do a c-section.

She made me cry because of how harsh she was, and made it seem like I didn't have a choice (even though the nurse calmed me reminded me that I did have a choice). I ended up being cut open and had a very healthy baby. Please any input would be great. I "googled" it and didn't get much haha.

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Asked by ours at 12:40 AM on Jun. 3, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • meconium is the baby's first poop and that can be very harmful to the baby if its still in the womb

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:42 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • So I made the right choice? Would it have been selfish to try to see how I progressed for a few more hours?

    Why didn't they let me walk around?

    Answer by ours at 12:45 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • The dr. had to break my water 8 hours into my labor and they found meconium. I believe it was at that point they gave me the pitocin and within an hour my son was born. They weren't harsh with me at all...they explained that as soon as he comes out I won't hear him cry and they won't hand him to me right away because they wanted to clear his throat of any of the meconium before they let him take his first breath. My son tried to scream his head off anyway the second he came out, but he was fine. I think you did the right thing though, if he needed to come out ASAP, he needed to come out ASAP. I just happened to get lucky that the pitocin worked so well for me. You DID have a choice but you made the best choice for the health of your baby.

    Answer by jessicarae787 at 1:07 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • Thank you jessicarae787 that makes me feel a little better. I just hope that I can have a VBAC this time around. A c-section just isn't the same as having a baby vaginally.

    Answer by ours at 1:11 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • After your water breaks you are not allowed to walk around AT ALL!!!!!! Ever, no matter what, the cord could end up under the babies head and kill it!!! Meconium in the water is a BAD thing, it causes infection and if the dr doesn't suction the baby BEFORE the baby breathes they can breath it in a die.


    Answer by clovismommy25 at 1:45 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • Also VBAC's are BAD!!! Don't even try it, I know plenty of women who will say it is fine, My mom was one of them, until she worked in an or and saw women daily who tried it and ended up unable to have any more children and one who died. That is why you are only able to "try" to have a VBAC if there is a 24 hr fully staffed OR. It isn't safe!


    Answer by clovismommy25 at 1:48 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • Well that is funny clovis since my water broke and I WAS INSTRUCTED TO WALK AROUND!!!! The cord could end up under the babies head and kill it? That is ridiculous. Where in the world did you hear that stuff? Maybe in a small percentage, but that could happen even if the water didn't break!

    The meconium is a bad thing and I did not have that and that is probably why they did not want you up and walking around and pushed you to have a c-section. Personally I vaginally delivered a wonderful baby boy with no interventions or pain meds about 10 hours after my water broke.

    VBACs are safe for most women so please do try it. I personally know 5 women who have done it and 2 of them have done it twice with absolutely no problems. They all say it was the best thing they have ever done and very empowering to them. C-sections are major surgery and I personally know a woman who died during her repeat C-section.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:08 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • meconium can cause severe infections in the baby. Which can lead to death. Your dr shouldn't have been so harsh with you, but remember drs are humans with feelings also. Just embrace your birthing story and be happy you have a healthy baby. Yeah, c-sections suck, but many women have them. Many women also do the VBAC.
    As far as the no walking thing, I am not sure. You should just ask your dr for her reasons of not letting you walk and such. There might have been other reasons.

    Answer by trentntats at 8:45 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

  • Clovis, I am a mother to 6 beautiful healthy children. I had my first at the age of 17 by c-section after 12 hours of labor and stuck on 7 cm. Then I went on to have 4 (FOUR) VBACS very successfully. My last one I had and emergency c-section with his heart rate dropped, where his umbilical cord was trying to come out before he was. But VBACS , thier are some risks yes, but that is with life in general. God is the author of this life we live in.

    Ours, you need to talk to your Dr about the VBAC. We can give you all the advice you want, but you will hear so many different things it will confuse you. As far as them not letting you walk with your first, the meconium could have gotten worse during the action of walking, and you made the right choice. Pray and ask God's guidance on where to go from here.

    God Bless you all.

    Answer by Tuscbear30 at 9:12 AM on Jun. 3, 2009

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