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abortion question

my mother had an abortion before she had me and my other siblings she couldn't deliver vaginally w/any of us the dr said it was a result of her previous abortion also my mother and all of my friends that have had abortions have been seriously scarred mentally and emotionally 2 of them attempted suicide and alot of the others are on anti-depressants so my question is has anybody else been through this as well and could you share your stories i am totally pro choice btw so you will hear no bashing from me


Asked by Anonymous at 1:33 AM on Jun. 4, 2009 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (16)
  • My mom said she had one before me and I'm the oldest of 2. I'm 32 now and she STILL brings it up sometimes. I always pray for her to have peace. It must have been difficult.

    As for abortion, I don't personally agree, but I understand how people can make that choice when pressured by life and lack of support.

    My heart goes out...

    Answer by Monique1025 at 2:34 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • Thank God U are here to warn unexpected preggo moms!

    Answer by 2mothershelpers at 1:39 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • Are you considering having one? I am pro-choice myself so I am not judging. Its just that if you are considering having an abortion and are looking for guidance, I don't know if this is a good place to find it.

    I would recommend that anyone considering an abortion should seek counseling first to see if you can handle it emotionally. Some people are able to deal with it better than others. That doesn't make them insensitive, only better able to deal with their emotions.

    Answer by casperskitty at 1:41 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • i had one and i am misrible abou tit i miscarried befor i carried my baby to term i had her with no problems tho . had her vaginally as well .

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:41 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • I like the title "abortion Question" I think ALL questions should be so clearly labeled. Almost like a warning!! LOL


    Answer by Anonymous at 1:42 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • sad mommy chear up Romans 3:23! Romans 5 too read it please.

    Answer by 2mothershelpers at 1:47 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • op here no i am not preggo but i am a teenage mom to one adorable little man and if i were to get pg again i wouldn't know what to do i am on bc now and practicing abstinence until i am old enough to really be comitted to somebody i think its better 4 me that way thanks a bunch casperskitty for your awesome advice though

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:52 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • No. I've heard of some serious post adoption trauma though. Abortion, birth, adoption, parenthood, etc are all crazy on our emotions. Each person is different. I don't think it's fair to "warn" women of abortion pain but not adoption pain. We all know the pregnant women are the least of pro lifers' concern. But as for the question, no. Abortion didn't affect the women I knew harshly. It was the right choice. I thought about all this too. I'm certain abortion would've been less painful than adoption. But I opted for motherhood.

    Answer by jus1jess at 1:56 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • Yeah jus1...we wouldn't want to traumatize someone...much better to just get rid of that pesky BABY! What a ridiculous excuse!! I am sorry if your heart broke over giving a baby up...but try and think about the BABY....think they would rather be dead so you can feel better?! 


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:01 AM on Jun. 4, 2009

  • * not YOUR heart per se....Sorry that wasn't real clear .

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:01 AM on Jun. 4, 2009