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any rants about mother-in-laws or bf's mothers????

my mil is absloutly CRAZzzy...she asks me to go on all these long trips with my 10month old son and doesnt call or anwser her phone!!!!! i want to kill this woman. i have alot more too....

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:20 AM on Jun. 6, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (17)
  • Oh yes. But far too much to type. lol.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:28 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • my mother in law hates me! i keep her son from her and the whole family. not they just like drama so they keep blaming it on me!! I TELL THEM ALL TO SCREW OFF!! LOL. i don't take no shit from them! that's why they hate me. oh well though. life will go on with out them. my sis in law told my step son how she didn't fing care about my son or what happens to him. see what i have to deal with. yea fun, right?. NOT!!!!!

    Answer by mommyof302 at 12:34 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • mine gave my 6 month old a piece of cake like it was normal for babies to eat sweets. i was so upset and actually yelled at her for the first time because i asked her twice to not give her sweets

    Answer by Mommy2Mariah at 12:35 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • my in laws dont give a damn about my family. they treat my dd like shit bc she isnt blood related. and when my hubby is in the hospitable they dont call or visit. my bil is finally leagalizing his marriage to his wife...they r using little girls that they havent seen in 5 yrs as their flower girls and exscluding my dd from the cermony and she cries all the time when we go there bc she doesnt under stand y no one likes really irks me to no end. it kind of make me worried whats going to happen when me and dh have r baby will the push my dd away more or will i have to flip out and exile me and my kids?...we will see as the world turns

    Answer by rainmommy at 12:36 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • My mil and mom call me at the worst times

    Answer by AmandaH321 at 12:37 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • I never had an issue with my bfs mom, believe it or not its always been with his father. His father hates my guts and I hate his!! We get into fights almost every month and only to have him kissing my butt the next day!! Thank God he is old or I would have punched his lights out a long time ago!

    Answer by youngfirsttimer at 1:00 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • my mil is a jerk.
    we are pregnant with our 3rd child, and are very excited and all i got was "i thought you put on some weight" when i was only 4-5 weeks.
    she favors our oldest child. she'll talk to our youngest, but nothing like our other.
    all her boyfriends, after they've been together for a few months, she refers to them as the kids grandpas. they are so confussed about their grandpas now. dumb witch.

    she annoys me so bad. i could go on,

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:39 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • Yes.
    When my husband and I grew serious about our relationship and moved in together, he decided it was time for me to meet his family. So when I met his mother and her husband she took to my daughter right away. After a time she began to take her on weekends every now and then. I loved it because my daughter didn't have any grandparents to dote on her and loved the extra love and attention (she was only 2 years old).
    A few years later she moved to England with her husband (he's a citizen of England) and she stopped all communications with her sons and grandchildren. She began to visit her sister here in the states every 3 years, her sister would call one of the brothers and it would be up to him to call all the others. If they wanted to visit her they would have to make the trip to their aunt's house to see her and take the chance of her being there.
    It always made me mad that my husband would take our daughters...(con't)

    Answer by PrydferthMenyw at 7:05 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • (con't)...but he told me that he wanted to rub it in her face what she was missing out on. The girls liked it because she would "shower them with love." My oldest (the one she took on weekends) told me she won't do it anymore and will not put her 4 month daughter through that.
    My MIL NEVER, EVER sends out Christmas or birthday cards to her sons or grandchildren. When we sent her the birth announcement of her first and only great-grandchild she didn't even acknowledge it.
    To me, she is just a ghost. She is still the mother of my husband and the grandmother of my children, but I will have nothing to do with her. My husband still plans on visiting her everytime she comes to the states to keep rubbing the girls into her face to show her what she's missing out on, but only two of them will go now.
    I wish she would never come back. It would be better for all involved.

    Answer by PrydferthMenyw at 7:08 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

  • I loved my MIL. She was the absolute best in the world. If I am lucky, I will be the same type of MIL she was. My husband, on the other hand, doesn't have the same experience. Yes, I am talking about my own mom. She isn't a very good MIL. She's just too judgmental.

    Answer by jesse123456 at 11:13 AM on Jun. 6, 2009

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