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So, you thinking paying taxes entitles you to public assistance?

Tax dollars fund more than public assistance. They fund schools, roads, military, medical research, colleges and much more.

Before you use the "I pay" defense please tell us this...when you file your taxes do you get a refund? How much do you get refunded? Every penny you get back is a penny you did NOT pay. A lot of you aren't paying anything because you get it all back. If you get it all back you AREN'T PAYING TAXES.

If you are getting Earned Income Credit you are getting another form of public assistance that is funded by tax dollars.

So, what percentage of your income ends up going for taxes. My family paid 40% of every penny we made to federal, state and property taxes and we didn't get a penny back.


Asked by yourspecialkid at 1:56 AM on Jun. 12, 2009 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (126)
  • I agree with you OP 100%! We pay taxes all year long and then pay more on top of that. Like I said I completely agree with you, but your on the wrong site saying this. 90% of people on this site are going to disagree with you because like you said they feel like because they are paying taxes they are entitled to dip into them.
    The system needs to be changed. The harder you work and better your life the more you pay for it. It just doesn't make sense and it's bullshit, but thats the way it is and there is nothing you or I can do about it.
    I could bitch about this topic all day everyday.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:03 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • So you see ladies when 40 cents of every dollar I make goes to taxes I have the right to want to know where it is going and if it is being spent wisely.

    Answer by yourspecialkid at 1:57 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • Get off of it already! We know that you are upset by it! Move on...

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:59 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • Write a letter to your congressman, or to the president. Quit harping about it here on CM where we have no control over it.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:01 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • Yourspecialkid, I used to look at things the same way you do. Then I started talking to moms that are not as lucky as I am. I thought why should I feel sorry for someone when I work 50 hours a week and my husband works 60 hours a week? Then the economy went to shit and he lost his $80k a year job. He got a great severance package and got his unemployment on top of that. We were much luckier then most. Our home is paid for and we were able to pay off everything and have keep money in the bank. Thankfully, I have a secure job (at least I hope so).
    We do not need PA but there are MILLIONS that took a big hit and do need it now.
    Life can change in a blink of an eye.

    Answer by ronjwake at 2:03 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • I think there are some people who abuse the privilege and others of us who cant get it when we need it because the worthless ones are using it all up.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:05 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • Life can change in a blink of an eye.

    Ain't that the truth!

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:07 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • This is where your tax money is going.


    Answer by Anonymous at 2:07 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • well if you think about it OP you use public assistance then if you send your kids to public school LOL

    Answer by Dom123123 at 2:08 AM on Jun. 12, 2009

  • well, its there isn't it. Its people like you whoo make others in need feel embarrassed to ask. Would you rather it just go somewhere else??? Becuase either way its being taken from you and your not getting it back. Why not be a little less self-centered and be happy to help another family who needs the support??? Everyone goes through rough patches in life. Not everyone has family to help them. MOst people use assistance as a last resort. Your acting like a jerk. seriously, if its not assistance taxing you its something else. get over it, and be happy you have what you need to get by, that because you do, you are indirectly helping another family through hard times.

    Answer by Iluvmygirlies42 at 2:08 AM on Jun. 12, 2009