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Staples price match / did this employee get ripped off of a sale?

Hi -
I bought a laptop on Saturday and went in for the price match with the ad yesterday. Is the price match done by returning the item and repurchasing it?

I'm asking because the kid who rang me up on Saturday should have gotten the sale. He was really nice and helpful. I figured there should be a way to just refund the difference. But instead this cocky assistant manager returned it and rang it back in. so now on the receipt it is his employee number with the sale instead of the first kid. Plus, the cocky manager added on that I "bought" the PC startup (which is free, so I didn't really buy it - but it's on my receipt) and I didn't.

It's like he's trying to get extra sales & credit for stuff he didn't do. Does anyone work at Staples? Did the first sales guy who was nice get screwed?

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Asked by ErinMarie123 at 9:02 AM on Jun. 15, 2009 in Money & Work

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  • Thats exactly what he did. He stole the sale. When I worked at Sears on commission I saw this ALL the time. I never did it. Its wrong. But we had a button for a price adjustment. But some people returned it. I'd take it back and ask to talk to a higher up manager. Because I bet that kid lost 50-100 bucks on his paycheck!

    Answer by amy31308 at 9:05 AM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Thanks - that's what I suspected. What a jerk! I am going to go in tonight and talk to the store manager. I just noticed this morning about the PC startup. I didn't even have the computer with me when I went in - what did he start up?! What a jerk. And for it to be an assistant manager to boot. Barf.

    Answer by ErinMarie123 at 9:16 AM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Good for you for standing up for that young man! It is such a shame that ppl do things like that! Unfortunately, some stores policy is such that the employee must return the item 1st. I used to work @ lowes & that's what they do. Its called a refund/rering. So, anything"extra" that was sold along w/that particular item originally is usually automatically done as well. I hope you can get the kid back what he deserves! & I hope that assistant mgr gets the boot!

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:37 AM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • That's how things work at my husband's store too. They do a competitor price match,,,but get this. If you don't get the price match right the first time (even if you were unaware of the competitor pricing) the next associate that handles that refund/rering is entitled to claim your sale. The theory is if you had done it right in the first place, then the next associate wouldn't have had to fix it. So you would have maintained your credit and the other person wouldn't have had to do extra work on your behalf. My husband will always use original numbers, because he says "It may take me 45 seconds of work to satisfy a customer from a previous sale, but it may have taken 10 minutes for the other person to actually make the sale. Who really did the work?"

    Answer by Mom1Stepmom1 at 10:05 AM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • so this is why things are so costly becuase they are giving more money to the sales clerk for just doing his job???? wth??? so what is the paycheck for buddy? just do your job and you will get a paycheck like the rest of america and stop price gouging just so some kid can get a bonus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:22 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • To anon :22, employees in sales are much like employees in waiter/waitressing jobs....there is a very small base pay and most of their money is made on the commissions of sales. It is how that type of job is set up.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:38 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Seriously, anon22...what?

    I know Staples employees don't work on commission - however I know that they track their sales. The kid who sold it to me (he didn't really have to 'sell' anything - I went in with the intention of purchasing it) said if I returned the tech support thing I bought when I came back to price match that he'd be down $200 to start the week.

    So even if they aren't on commission they do track sales which tie into job performance and pay rate, promotions, etc.

    Tracking sales has nothing to do with price gouging.

    Answer by ErinMarie123 at 4:57 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

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