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to get rid of the cat or keep him...i dont know what to do

we got him when he was a kittne. he has been with us since then. he is well tempered and very pretty. he is very much my cat, my husband could careless about him and besides feeding him, shows him no love, my daughter prefers dogs and finds the cat boring so she never does much for him minus a hug every once in awhile when i say awww look at the kitty. we are moving to europe in a few months (army) and he is too big for carry on so we woul dhave to pay 575 for the temp. controlled animal cargo will still be stressful for him. my mother and husband think its best for the cat that i find him a good home with a loving family that will all give him attention and spoil him instead of him living in our family with me being the only loving one and moving like this since we are military. my heart says keep him cause he's my kitty, my mind says maybe he would be happier elsewhere not moving around where they all love him.

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Asked by moki1984 at 1:08 PM on Jun. 15, 2009 in Pets

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  • I think maybe find a loving family, but good luch with that there are already so many families giving up there pets to shelters that it will be hard unless you know someone willing to take him

    Answer by NicholeAT at 1:11 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Having one person to love him is more than enough..cats are loners. He's just charming you so you'll scratch his head lol. My DH hates cats and if it was going to cost 575 for airfare( and I'm sure its not the last trip) he would make his feelings known. I wouldn't be able to justify the cost. I say get him a home....unless you really really love him.

    Answer by Farrahann at 1:13 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • That is a tough one reading this sounds like me I would not know what to do either.

    As much as you would love to take your cat with you he might not adjust very well at first especially if he is an older kitty now. X7 in human years. He'd probably freak during the flight and get sick as much as I would hate to say this keep him here where he is alot familiar with.

    And yes find a good home for him that way you can move on and have no worry about him. Maybe you can keep tabs with the family who gets him. This is a sad situation, but it is so expensive and whose to say he will be happy with his new surroundings. GL


    Answer by Butterfly1108 at 1:16 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • i wish he could just go as carry on but the size of the kennel allowed is too small, he' s a large statured cat.

    on one hand ive tried to say ahh he's fine....cats are really social anyways so one person is enough. but when my husband walks into the room, the cat usually runs away because he knows my husband wants nothing ot do with him...and that cant be happy for him.

    i do love my kitty but im trying to see what is best for him...not me....
    if i do end up giving him up, im not getting another animal utnil we are out of the military. and yes your right, its not the fist move.....we got 10 years left in the army, we have a lot more moves coming.
    i wont give him to the pound though..he is sooo good with kids. he deserves a home with a little girl or boy who will love him

    Answer by moki1984 at 1:18 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • i would see if u can find one of those places that take animals for people in the service....they r getting popular...they might take him and they would spoil him so this way u wont have to worry about him ending up in a bad home

    Answer by rainmommy at 5:15 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • How big is your cat?? We just flew a Rottweiler puppy in cabin, under seat. He was 19 pounds and the rules for dogs are more stringent as the dog has to be able to stand without his head touching the top of carrier and he must be able to turn around. I would double check with the airline as I have never heard of a cat not being able to fly in cabin.


    Answer by equusvetgal at 9:02 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • You could fly him in the cabin, may just have to buy him a ticket of his own. An old client did this with his 26 pound monster cat when he relocated him to a new home accross the US. That dang cat flew first class. No matter what you do, make sure to take him to the vet and get him current on vaccines. That way, even if you do give him to a good home (which to me it sounds like you want to do, you just want us to help you justify doing so), you know he is current for atleast another year. GL hard decision. BTW, if you do end up gettin rid of him, don't get another cat. Get a dog. They are more social, and adjust a lot easier.

    Answer by Angel8203 at 12:36 AM on Jun. 16, 2009

  • I say if you can afford it, take him...he is yourbaby. But this makes me so angry...I love dogs but why is it ok for some people to take little yappy dogs onto flightds as carry on( and yes I have seen this repeatedly) yet cats need a 575 dollar ticket? juststupid and one more way to milk money from people...

    Answer by Bearsjen at 2:14 AM on Jun. 16, 2009

  • To bearsjen: It is not whether the animal is a cat or dog, it is whether the animal fits in the carrier required by the airline for travel under the seat of the owner. Yappy dog or not, if it fits the carrier it gets to ride in cabin.


    Answer by equusvetgal at 8:33 AM on Jun. 16, 2009

  • We had a cat for years and she was in hiding till she was looking for attention. Me and my sister were good with her and my mom was too. She would only come out of hiding when my mom's bf came over. Once they got married and he moved in we saw her alot more often. She was his cat. Plain and simple. It wasen't for anything we did or didn't do. She just loved him more.

    Answer by AmandaH321 at 9:56 AM on Jun. 16, 2009

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