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If you practice an organized religion, how are called to repent?

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:22 PM on Jun. 15, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

Answers (7)
  • We confess and repent of our sins to God...we are not required to confess to anyone else...Although, if you sin against someone you should confess to them and repent

    Answer by BethTTC at 5:30 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Repent means to do a full turn around. It isn't just apologizing. To truly repent you turn from the sin, and actively try not to return to it. If you mess up you repent again. True repentance is an about face.

    Answer by ColleenF30 at 5:30 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Beth are you Catholic? And if we confess and repent to God, which makes sense, and no one else, does that mean we dont have to tell our priest? Do it say that in the Bible? I know that's alot of questions, but I am catholic and I would rather not tell the priest my sins, because i feel uncomfortable talking about sexual fantasies and marijuana to a priest. I know I shouldnt do that stuff, but how am I supposed stay sane?

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:01 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • As a Catholic I believe that Jesus gave us the Sacrament of Confession as the way to experience His forgiveness. This is why Jesus breathed on the apostles and told them if they forgive sins they are forgiven (John 20:19-23). And this is why the Bible tells us to orally confess our sins (James 5:16 ). When I confess to a priest, I'm confessing to God and it is God who forgives me. The priest is a tool used by God to help us experience God's forgiveness in a human way. He reminds us that our sins are not just between God and us but affect the community. It encourages humility that 'going directly to God' can get around. It's so nice to hear the words that we are forgiven. The priest can also offer help in avoiding sins in the future.

    Answer by eringobrough at 8:27 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • After confessing sins the priest gives a penance - it's important to understand that we don't have to complete the penance for God to forgive our sins. We're absolved from the eternal consequences of our sins during the sacrament. The penance is an act to show repentance for our sins and to try to address the damage done by our sins - the damage done to our relationship with God (for all sin damages that relationship) and sometimes to address the damage our sins have done to others.

    Answer by eringobrough at 8:30 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Anonymous 6:01 - I think most people are uncomfortable confessing to a priest. But often if you can find the right priest, one who is a good spiritual advisor - it is an amazing thing. But even if you don't - I think it's important to speak about our sins out loud because it makes them more "real" and makes us face the fact that they are harmful. Because I'm a little uncomfortable too I go to a parish different than the one I usually attend Mass. I prefer to go face-to-face but most parishes also offer the option of going behind a screen. Many find that helpful. And you really do need to find a better way of dealing with stress and life than turning to fantasies and drugs, for the sake of your physical well-being as well as your soul.

    Answer by eringobrough at 8:34 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

  • Anon...I am not Catholic. I really don't believe that there is a need to go through a priest or any other person to confess our sins. I think that God wants us to have a relationship with Him, and to be honest enough with Him to go to Him with our sins. I guess if it's something that you'll need accountability with then I would find someone that could provide that for you, but I personally would not confess to someone not involved in the sin. Also, I think that you don't have show an act of repentance, I think your confessing to God and telling Him you want to change, and actually trying to change is the only act He needs to see.
    I know my views are different, but I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.

    Answer by BethTTC at 9:52 PM on Jun. 15, 2009

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