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Christians,does your church play electric guitars?

My church does and I have been revolted by it because everytime I look at them playing it I see devils horns.There's been arguments on this subject before in church that they shouldn't be allowed.I don't see why other people especially my pastor isn't sensitive on this subject.It's a worldly distraction during worship time! For mature sincere Christians please..


Asked by countingsparows at 8:52 PM on Jun. 21, 2009 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (19)
  • It's sensual and it makes you think of' Sex,drugs, and rock n'roll,I don't want to be thinking those thoughts IN CHURCH!It 's a distraction meaning it makes you think of lustful and worldly things other than God.There's a new church down the street that thinks like me.They don't have any praise band they just sing out of the hynm book and have a piano, kinda refreshing!I would be going to it, except the preachers sermons are boring.

    Answer by countingsparows at 9:36 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • My church plays the drums too,which is a worldly distraction.I love the drums they're cool and so with the electric guitar but we are worshipping God IN CHURCH not the devil and I would like to think of heavenly things not worldly things.The church I go to is the best around it's just I have to put up with the electric guitar once in awhile they don't play it every Sunday, just need to vent about this.

    Answer by countingsparows at 8:57 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • If you look at a electric guitar you'll notice two horns coming out of it.That's the sign of the devil.

    Answer by countingsparows at 9:01 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • OP, musical instruments are not evil, and not of the devil. If you'd like to look at it another way, you could perhaps see the words of certain music as devil-like. But a musical instrument itself? No.

    -If you look at certain harps, there are protrusions in the shape of 'horns'.
    -Many animals have horns, but do you think that deer or antelope are of Satan? I'd hope not, because by all accounts, God created the earth and everything upon it, which includes animals. ALL animals, horned or not. They are used as a natural form of defense, to give the animals with them a chance at survival.
    -Any crescent moon looks like horns. Do you think that the moon is a sign of the devil?
    -Everything in a church is worldly, as it came from this earth and was created by the people on it. Pews are worldy (and at times, very uncomfortable, which could be considered a distraction), would you rather sit on the floor of the church instead? CONT:

    Answer by _Jynxx_ at 9:12 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • Yes, they play them at my church. I don't know anything about horns on the actual guitar . . . do you mean the shape of it?

    I don't think that a shape would make it unholy, especially if it is used to praise the Lord. I am not bothered by it at all. The guy who plays electric guitar at our church used to be in a secular rock band before he got saved. He is now completely sold out for God. He is actually a close friend of ours. And his heart is not to bring the "world" or the style of the "world" into the church. He is crazy gifted, but he uses it to praise God with all his heart.

    I think God looks at our hearts while we worship Him, and if our hearts are right, and the words we sing are true, He is pleased with the music. We see that many of the psalms are sung to instruments that were used in celebration. They become holy by being tools of praise.

    Answer by Cinnamon-mom at 9:12 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • Hmmm.... so all musicians are devil worshipers??


    Answer by Anonymous at 9:12 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • Are you serious? An electric guitar can be made to sound like anything...including an acoustic guitar...depending on what kind of distortion you put on it. It doesn't have to be played to sound like heavy metal (or whatever you're thinking of). They use electric guitars with different distortion all the time in country music, for example. There is nothing any more "evil" about an electric guitar than any other intsrument.

    As for the shape...."devil horns"???? That's ridiculous too. The curves are so that you can put the guitar on your leg when you're sitting down and playing. The "horns" as you see them are actually just there because that part of the body has to be cut out so that you can get your hands down farther on the neck without being blocked by the body of the guitar.

    Answer by metalcowgirl34 at 9:13 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • At our church, they have a different type of music every week. One week might be more southern gospel/blue grass, the next week would be Christian rock, the week after that is more classical, etc. The point is that you are worshiping God. It doesn't matter what types of instruments you use but rather what you are playing/singing is coming from the heart or not.

    Answer by JeremysMom at 9:15 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • Buildings are worldly, as they were created by man. Maybe you should go to church in the park?
    - The letter 'C', when put on it's back (much like the moon), is a crescent shape that looks much like horns. Perhaps you should never use the letter C? But, it's a letter in Christ's name!

    You yourself said that you thought they are cool. Perhaps you are of the devil then?

    Style of music is a preference, as in whether or not you enjoy certain instruments, regardless of how they are played.

    If a vote was taken and the majority of the church wished them to be excluded from services, then that's fine. The preference of the majority rules. But your logic is VERY refutable.

    Answer by _Jynxx_ at 9:15 PM on Jun. 21, 2009

  • electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, conga's, saxophone, two keyboards... and we have awesome praise and worship. God created music. heaven is going to be full of sounds.. please do not give satan more credit than he's due. Research psalms where it talks about different instruments. Music in heaven is not going to just have an angel sitting around playing a harp. The bible speaks of a heavenly choir... think about many voices of angels singing. Seriously pray and seek God on this and ask Him to show you the truth by His Spirit.

    Answer by bonn777 at 9:18 PM on Jun. 21, 2009