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Yes, i amnot a doctor, but i still don't think they are right..

I have taken my dd now 11 months to tow seperate pediatriciansand gotten the same answer. We havedealt with constipation issues from pretty much the beginning. And they all say that it is normal for a baby not to go everyday. Ok, i understand what they are saying, but my deal is that there is a difference in a baby not needing to go everyday and not being able to go. My daughter tries to go everyday. And she can't. It is too hard and comes out in pellets if at all. Until she finally can get a suppository, or when they have me give her miralax, she goes fine.BUt they still say it is normal even though i remind them of those things each time. I am so frustrated. I asked them what couldbe causing and they both just said of some babies just have trouble, she could need more fiber. So i give her fiber powder. But still after a few days the sonstipation comes back. What type of doctor should i try? A specialist?

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:38 PM on Jun. 23, 2009 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (9)
  • Is your daughter on formula, or do you breastfeed?

    Answer by Ems86 at 5:40 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • ask them if they know of any other specialists they can recommend in that field that can `give you a second opinion.

    Answer by rAbella at 5:40 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • I would try some diet changes first. Is she formula or breastfed? If she is formula fed you might need to change what she is taking... some cause more constipation more than others... like soy causes a lot of problems or if she has any problems with milk it can also cause constipation because of the milk protein.
    Also with miralax some kids just need it and it's something they get daily not just when they get constipated
    I would also limit things in her diet that tend to bind... so no applesauce, banana, rice and limit starches like breads and pasta

    Answer by AmiJanell at 5:47 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • My daughter has had severe constipation since just 2wks old (and she was even breastfed too). Yes, more fiber, more water, & Activia yogurt has helped too. But after a while she just went back to her constipation. The only thing that really seemed to work on a regular basis was giving her the Miralax every other day. As long as we were consistent about giving it to her, she was never constipated. Now that she's potty trained, believe it or not, she has no problem going. For some reason, she's more apt to push it out than to hold it in. But, those constipation days were miserable for her. I'm so sorry your baby has to experience this too. Again, the things that worked for me for a brief time were lots of fruits, vegetables, water, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Activia Yogurt, & straight prunes. Good Luck!

    Answer by joannakitler at 5:54 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • give her graham crackers, undiluted apple juice or you can put karo syrup in her bottle. My kids had the same problem and that's what I did for them.

    Answer by Bos_Boo at 5:58 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • Rely on yourself to figure it out, not the doctor. Doctor's aren't there to see everything your child eats, and every time she tries to poop. But you are. So watch her closely and see what foods seem to constipate her and what foods seem to help her go. Keep a chart of what she eats and when she poops. And do some research on your own. There are tons of sites that have all sorts of useful information.

    If it were me, unless it was a serious problem, I wouldn't go to a specialist before I tried everything else on my own.

    Answer by julipickle2 at 6:03 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • My daughter has dealt with severe constipation most of her life. So severe that she actually ends up pro-lapsing her rectum: pushing so hard her rectum comes out her little butt :( I have just learned to follow a few simple rules-
    1. Severly limit things like bananas, cheese, etc. that she loves but end up making her miserable.
    2. 2 tbsps. of benefiber EVERY morning. I mix it in with her juice, milk, whatever she has with breakfast. She doesn't even know it is there. I have tried doing it "as needed" but it just seemed to perpetuate the cycle of okay for a few days then right back to constiaption. She went to a GI specialist a few months ago and he basically told me that you cannot over dose on that stuff.
    You have every right to request a consulatition with a Gastro-Intestinal (GI) specialist. They will have a whole bunch of great tips for you. Good luck! Hope this helped a bit.

    Answer by hannahjoy17 at 6:18 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • It's not normal for a baby to be constipated. From what you are describing that is constipation. I am surprised that your doctor(s) are not trying to find the element or elements in baby's diet that could be causing frequent constipation.

    Like the said, however, it is completely normal for baby to go only a few times a week. Some breastfed babies can take up to 11 days off in between bowel movements. As long as the poop is not hard and as long as baby is not in pain when pooping or struggling to poo then it's not constipation. What you are describing sounds like constipation, though.
    Maybe try getting a 3rd opinon.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:24 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

  • My son did not go good for the first two weeks they gave him nutramigen and now he goes no problem. Maybe they need to change the formula if they are formula feed?

    Answer by Ethanluv at 9:59 PM on Jun. 23, 2009

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