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Okay so I've been talking to my mother about wanting to breastfeed my baby when he gets here, but all I keep hearing are horror stories about how badly it hurts and what not. Now I can't say that the stories are making me back down at all, it's just making me want to do it even more (if that makes sense to some lol.) But I wanted to know for those of you who ARE breastfeeding, how was the first time experience for you? - Do you pump as well ?

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Asked by dorkish_face at 7:51 AM on Jun. 30, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • yes, it does hurt, but only at the beginning. your nipples aren't used to it and also the baby is trying to get the hang of it. but, you will get through it. you can use lanolin cream or sweet oil to help with the sore nipples. i'm still bfing my 10mo and it's been the best experience. we've had to go through thrush twice, but got through it. we got through the growth spurts, in which he ate almost every hour to hour and a half. i pump. i highly recommend getting the medela brand, and a double electric if you plan on going back to work. it's not that bad. to be honest, it gets kind of annoying, but i knew that it was best for my baby. we've had so much bonding from bfing. if i'm in a bad mood, just to see his face when he's bfing lights up my day.
    i still have people telling me that i need to wean him since about 5 mo. i plan on letting him self wean. all you can do is educate her and let her know that you are going to bfing

    Answer by mommytobobby at 8:36 AM on Jun. 30, 2009

  • My DD didn't latch so I pumped for seven months. I would start looking into bf education now so that you are prepared and have most of your questions answered. There are many people out there who don't understand and agree with bf but if you are more determined then go for it. I applaud your decision and you need to tell the people around you to get on board or you don't want to hear their comments.

    Answer by coala at 8:44 AM on Jun. 30, 2009

  • I breastfed my older two and am currently breastfeeding my 1 month old baby. Breastfeeding for the first time was a learning experience. I was lucky because my mother helped and showed me how to get her to latch on the right way. The best advice I can give you is to make sure your baby gets a good bit of nipple in his mouth. If the baby just latches on to the end it's going to cause you alot of pain. I think the most important part is getting the baby to latch on correctly, that's the key.

    Expect some amout of pain. I got sore with each baby, including the baby I am breastfeeding now. It lasts a week or so and the pain lets up maybe 10 seconds after the baby latches on. I can't say if every woman experiences this but that's the way it was for me.

    After about a week, week and a half of breastfeeding , the pain was gone and we had it down pat. Good luck with breastfeeding!!!

    Answer by CaseyErin at 9:03 AM on Jun. 30, 2009

  • I have breastfed 4 babies and am still currently breastfeeding my youngest. The only time I ever had pain was with my very first baby and I wasn't latching correctly. I had NO pain at all with the last 3.

    The only time I've ever had to pump was for my 3rd. She was born ill with pneumonia and another lung infection. Other than then I've never had to pump

    Answer by SmileyMoo at 9:37 AM on Jun. 30, 2009

  • There is some pain at first....I used Lansinoh cream (it's lanolinon my nipples and it worked great. It helps keep them from drying and cracking. LOVED IT! You can get it at Target in the baby section. And you don't have to wash it off before you nurse again. My advise is to sit up as straight as possible during your first few times and bring the baby to you. That is how I learned how to get a good latch with my first. After you get it down, you will be able to nurse any time, any where, any position! Good luck!

    Answer by khedy at 10:19 AM on Jun. 30, 2009

  • I'm planning on breastfeeding as well and have also heard the horror stories. I checked out The Ultimate Book of Breastfeeding Answers from the library and my husband and I took the free breastfeeding class my hospital offers. I figure the more knowledge I have, the better my chances for success are. I made my husband go to the breastfeeding class so that when I am a zombie and get frustrated, hopefully he'll remember some good tips. Plus they gave us a nice little, easy to read book he can refer to, as well. I'm due in August and starting July, I'm planning on attending some local La Leche League meetings. None of our family live around here, so I'm hoping the LLL ladies can help me if I need it before my mom gets here. Our hospital also has free lactation consultants.

    Answer by Christina807 at 2:39 PM on Jun. 30, 2009

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