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when did you start showing? Im 29 weeks and just look like i have a little gut, its starting to scare me, I wasnt chubby before i got pregnant so i thought i would beshowing more.


Asked by xxSummaxx13 at 1:59 PM on Jul. 6, 2009 in Pregnancy

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Answers (9)
  • I'm in the same boat as you! I'm 31 weeks & every one tells me I'm too small& need to eat more, but as judith said, the dr.s are measuring you & if their not worried, you shouldnt be either!! My dr. told me my baby girl is developing at the rate she's supposed to, so as long as you're eating good healthy foods, you should be fine! Good Luck!!!!!

    Answer by mandi0986 at 2:11 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • some belly's wont really pop until very far in the pregnancy, your gonna be one of those women that go to sleep small and wake up HUGE. Your OB is measuring your feudal height if he/she isn't concerned I wouldnt be either, they will probably do another ultrasound to check the size of the baby. Dont be worried mama things are fine.


    Answer by judith_visco at 2:02 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • I was about 7.5 months before I started looking pregnant at all. I didnt wear maternity clothes until 2 weeks before I delivered (and then it was only pants, the shirts were huge). Everyone carries differently so it's not a big deal but I was a little bummed that I didnt get a baby belly like everyone else.

    Answer by Chandra034 at 2:04 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • I started maternity clothes near the last few weeks just so I'd get some use out of them. I agree with the above posters, if your doctor is OK about it then relax. :)

    Answer by Bmat at 2:14 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • To those that say they are showing at 12 weeks or 16 or even 25 weeks are usually just chubby, or eating SO much that they are gaining a bunch of weight and assuming there "showing". My doctor told me you start to show and really show in your last trimester, during that time, your gaining about a lb a week. Don't be worried, your not supposed to gain more than 25 lbs, and your already in your last trimester and will be gaining by leaps and bounds now. My doctor gave me very good advice that I DIDNT take, try not to gain much in the first two trimesters because many women eat A LOT subconsciously and as they gain the weight they are thinking they are showing when really there getting fat. that's why so many women come out of pregnancy 30,40, even 60 LBS heaver post pregnancy. Every woman wants people to see there pregnant so its not there fault, but these woman aren't "showing" any faster than you are, there just gaining


    Answer by judith_visco at 2:18 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • I honestly never got that big baby belly. When I was 39 weeks, I looked about 7 months pregnant. It all depends on the size of your baby, the way you are carrying, and your body type. Dont be too concerned! the doctor regularly measures you, and as long as they say the baby is growing consistently then there is no problem!

    Answer by Amanduhpanda at 3:31 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • Im like 28ish weeks and i look small!! i think my baby is going to be small and the dr never says anything... sooo...

    Answer by Anonymous at 4:51 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • Are you tall? I am short and was thin, so I looked chubby by 8 weeks. My sister, didn't show until she was like 32, then she suddenly ballooned.

    Answer by Mom1Stepmom1 at 5:31 PM on Jul. 6, 2009

  • Is this your first baby?? Sometimes the first one doesn't show as much. When I had my first baby I didn't show until well into the 6th month. Then the babies I had after that I was showing earlier. The last one I showed around the 4th month a lot. I'm also pretty small. I'm 4ft 11 in and weighed like 98lbs before pregnancy.

    Answer by officerjoeys at 5:51 PM on Jul. 6, 2009