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What Do I Do - My Hubby Is Giving Drugs to Children

My husband is a controlling abusive a-hole. We have a 1 1/2 year old and a newborn. I am saving money and planning on leaving. So I'm not looking for that advice.

My issue is that he has started doing all this illegal stuff. He brought a 'hot' motorcycle to MY house and cut it up in the garage. He also has started bringing home large quantities of pot - like pounds and selling/trading it for stolen merchandise. The worst thing is he is giving these 2 12 year old boys pot, and letting them smoke it at our house.
I tell him not to -- and we get in huge fights about it. I'm scared that if anyone finds out then I am going to be in just as much trouble as him - even though I have NOTHING to do with it. He tells me 'you sure like the money I make doing it' But its not like there's even much money - we struggle to pay bills.
I don't know how to distance myself or get him to stop. I am going to leave him, but I'm scared.

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:30 PM on Jul. 8, 2009 in Relationships

Answers (22)
  • Call the police and make him leave u

    Answer by mumma28 at 8:34 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • i personally would turn him in after getting OUT of that house so you and those kids arent in the middle of all of it. i know easier said than done but im giving my advice good luck

    Answer by SThompson21 at 8:34 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • call your county's united way and call their displaced homemaker and first call a legal aid society and tell them you're afraid and what's going on. they'll help you.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:35 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • You need to leave ASAP. Aren't you scared about getting your children taken away? I am not trying to be mean in any way. Your kids should be your 1st priority. I'm sure it must be scary to leave and do it on your own, BUT at least you will have your kids. Best wishes!

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:35 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • first of all if you have a child with him take your child and leave now when he is not home back a bag and leave go to a friends house and call the cops and have his ass busted my husband baught that crap into my house one time and it went into the tolet i told him if he ever baught that crap into my house again i would leave him he can smoke it but not in my house
    if you stay there and someone calls the cops you will be going to jail even if your not doing it your in the house
    you need to leave go to a friends or family but just leave his sorry ass

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:35 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • If I were in your place I would turn him in myself. I wouldn't stand for any of that ( I know you don't either). Giving kids pot is really bad. And if your not gonna say anything about it or stop it then you'll be just as guilty. I know that someone gave my son pot and someone didn't stop it I would consider them just as bad. I hope I don't sound too harsh saying that but I'm trying to stress the importance of getting someone like him off the street. But that's what I would do. I'm sorry your dealing with all that.


    Answer by Anonymous at 8:37 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • Just go live with your mom or family member yours kids shouldnt be around it i you dont want your kids doing it when they get older cause they will i know familys and there dad was doing drugs and so did they do what you gotta do to protect your family and be strong you can do it

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:37 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • Turn him in. the longer you wait, the worse it will be. If you turn him in, then you should not be hte one in trouble. Call from a payphone if it makes you feel better and say the wife is trying to stop it if you don't want to say who you are. I know you already said you are trying to leave and that takes some money, but get out for a couple nights and stay with a friend or shelter. You MST report him. If someon elde does yu are more likely to get in trouble.

    Answer by Lsmomma at 8:39 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • You may want to pick up the pace about getting out!!! When you know for a fact something is there, have a plan in place as to where u can go,even if it means a womens shelter...leave & call the police give them the info & let them know your fear. Have someone call the parents of the boys who r getting high @ your house & hvae them suggest adding charges of giving drugs to a minor, the more charges you can get on him the longer he will be gone. Because he will be

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:43 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

  • Call the cops if someone else does it youll be in just as much trouble as he will because you never did anything about it and youll also get in trouble for child endangerment. And your kids will get taken away. Please call the cops its best for you and your kids. Your husband dosnt have to know that you were the one to call.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:45 PM on Jul. 8, 2009

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