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What do you think is the major cause of divorce in America?

IMO I think two of the big factors are infidelity and couples just giving up too easily.
Funny thing is giving up too easily usually leads to living in a miserable marriage until someone cheats. So I guess it is hard to pinpoint the real problem.

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:39 PM on Jul. 10, 2009 in Just for Fun

Answers (80)
  • I think a lot of it is the fact that people treat marriage as something fun and convenient. I'm not religious, so that has nothing to do with my beliefs about marriage. You should be in a stable, long relationship before you get married. You should know the person inside and out. You shouldn't get married to save money, or because you had a kid, or for all the other "convenient" reasons people get married nowadays.

    I will have been with my fiance almost three years when we get married next May.

    Answer by caitxrawks at 6:41 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • I think too many women expect fairy tale marriages and when reality smacks them in the face they can't handle it. Those chick-flick movies can set you up for divorce if you take them as real life.

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:41 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • Oh, plus it's far too easy to get a divorce. Yeah, it costs money, but it's still obviously too simple if 50% of American couples get divorced.

    Answer by caitxrawks at 6:42 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • Because men are @$$holes!!!! I am just kidding. I think a lot of people dont think about the commitment before they get married so they never really take it seriously. Ive never been married, so I really dont know. I hope when I do get married I never get a divorce, which is partly the reason I think I may never get married...I go to church and beleive in God, and I dont want to break any vows that I make in front of God.

    Answer by Jessaroo1987 at 6:44 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • bad marriage?

    Answer by Anonymous at 6:46 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • money and not spending enough time together ...

    Answer by BriannaBopp at 6:46 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • actually 50% of married couples DONT get divorced thats a very common myth! that was a study done in 1988, there were half as many people that got divorced that year as got married, but it wasnt the SAME people... in order to have a better prediction we'd have to take maybe 5,000 couples who got married and then follow them their whole lives until they divorce! statisticions guess that the divorce rate is really only 35%...

    and money and children are the highest causes for divorce

    Answer by pookipoo at 6:47 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • Money and bills which leads to stress and arguing and fighting and then someone else giving one of you attention and makes you feel good inside can lead to cheating and divorce. Different opinions of how to raise children can also play a big role in and they way America and other country's force feed sex and sexual content to our family's, it's almost normal to see this on an everyday basis...very sad.


    Answer by Angeleyez08 at 6:48 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • stress over finances.


    Answer by Anonymous at 6:50 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • I think it's the easy way out. Americans (in general) are lazy. ...okay. maybe that's not the best word. But we want the best results we can get in the fastest possible way with as little effort as possible. Marriage is not like that at all!
    For myself and my DH divorce is only an option once we have exhausted all other possible means of staying together.

    Answer by outstandingLove at 6:50 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

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