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I don't know what to do. My toddler can't talk and my husband isn't helping.

My son is 2 years and he hasn't said a word. He is healthy, happy, active, and curious (he figured out how to open the fridge etc). And he babbles a lot. There are a few things he says that sounds like words. He'll say nom nom for food and mum mum, and he'll say manumanum and wait for me to respond.When he wants something he'll either point at it or hand it to me. If he's thirsty he will hand me the cup so he can drink.
Since I'm a SAHM I talk and read to him a lot as well as encourage him to talk.
We're pretty isolated in our apartment and rarely go out since my husband works long hours 6 days a week.
But I'm really getting worried.
We only have enough money for bills and food, so I don't think we can get therapy.
And my husband isn't helping either by getting mad. Now he's saying our son is either deaf or retarded. He's a good guy, but lately I wonder what happened to the happy man I married.
I don't know what to do!

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:52 PM on Jul. 10, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (10)
  • A friend of mine had a similar problem with her son. Turns out he needed his ears checked. There was drainage that was causing him not to be able to hear clearly. There are government assistance programs that will help. I'm not sure where to look but I imagine you can look up the information online. Sorry I can't tell you more, but I hope that helps a little!

    Answer by Emuu at 8:55 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • call your county up-- the health department will send out a bunch of people right to your home to evaluate him and if you qualify (it is based on the childs need not your$) they will come right to your house with services
    ok one last thing PLEASE join a Mommy and me class with your 2 year old--it can be swim or gymboree-gymnastics art and tot anything BUT SOMETHING (you will both reeeeep great benefits

    Answer by MELRN at 8:59 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • My son didn't talk much either until he was three, sadly I was a big part of why. I was letting his non-verbal cues substitute for speaking, because I understood him perfectly without words. I'm not saying this is what you're doing, but it kinda sounds like it is.

    Answer by ithi at 9:19 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • Every state has an early intervention program. Look it up. You can call them and they will set up a date to come evaulate your son. If they think he needs a boost to help catch him up he will get an early intervention teacher to come to your house and work with him. My son's comes once a week. If needed they will set him up with other therapists...such as a speech therapist. What has helped my son is sign language. I know it sounds silly, but it really works. Once he sees that signing for more will get him more, he will start learning how to communicate. Always say the word with the sign and eventually he will sign it and say the word, too. PM me if you need more information. I'll be happy to share.

    Answer by Krystal.Ingalls at 9:32 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • my grandson couldn't hear well. He had to get tubes and now he can hear fine and is learning to say words. If money is an issue see about getting on Family Medicare (medically needy?) so you can take him to a pediatric ENT specialist. If he needs therapy then they can set it up but testing his hearing would be number one priority for me. There may be an agency that will pay for the initial testing.

    Answer by admckenzie at 9:49 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • Has he had a lot of ear infections? The usual cause of this is the need for ear tubes - and they help SO MUCH.

    What does you DR say? You should consult them if you haven't yet.

    Answer by Kodeekins at 9:50 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • a lot of these ladies are correct ....there is alot of help from the state especially if only one person in the house hold works :o)

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:42 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • Your husband is just frustrated because he's worried as well (and shows it badly). And he probably sees it as your area to handle. Find out about early intervention. I have 3 friends with children that have needed it. Where we live, the therapists even come to your house. I know several children as well that did not speak and the diagnosis was ears problems. But it does sound as though he is intellegent and his learning skills are fine. I think this is alot more common than you might realize and once you start looking around you will find quite a bit of help out there (free of charge). Good Luck!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:25 PM on Jul. 10, 2009

  • In NYC, the Dept. of health offers free evaluations, and then go to the home a few times a week, depending on what he needs. IT is a free service, call your local school, ask the pediatrician, and don't wait too long.

    Answer by Yve538 at 12:04 AM on Jul. 11, 2009

  • It could be something as simple as a hearing problem so take him into a specialist asap. If it is his ears he'll need speech therapy classes that will make a huge difference. Next step if that is not the problem is to ask your pedi about early intervention. I hear that they will come out to your house and work with your kids one on one.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:34 PM on Jul. 11, 2009

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