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What is this pain in my jaw and left side of my teeth that radiates up the side of my head??

I swear it's wisdom teeth!!! the pain is worse then labor and is so intense my anti whiskey husband went out and got me a measly pint...It's gone as well as two aleve and still the pain is intense....It's like a migrain on the left side of my jaw, teeth and head!!!!
What is it what else can I do???....I don't smoke pot...but willing to go to the neighbor kid and ask him for a joint.....I'm desperate!!!! I thought booze would help and it's done nothing!!!! 2 ALEVE has done nothing!!!

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:27 PM on Jul. 14, 2009 in Health

Answers (7)
  • Could be wisdom teeth. I thought I had an ear infection, went to the doctor and it was my wisdom teeth. It hurt more up the side of my head by my ear than my teeth. I have also had an infection and needed a root canal where the pain was horrible but I had no clue it was my teeth. My doctor even thought it was a really bad sinus infection because it was my face, not my mouth that hurt.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:33 PM on Jul. 14, 2009

  • If you can, get it checked out by you dentist. I suffer from similar pain on a daily basis... my problem I am a clencher. I clench my teeth in my sleep, and all day long. If I'm not eating something or singing or doing something with my mouth then I'm clenching. I realize it's a problem but I can't seem to stop.
    My dentist recommended a night bite guard and it helps alleviate some of the pain that I have in the mornings, but I also found that I tend to bite down more on the bite guard when there's something there to bite on. (My dentist said that can be a natural instinct.)
    I also have TMJ which makes my jaw really stiff too, but the paid comes from clenching.


    Answer by Cantstandya at 11:48 PM on Jul. 14, 2009

  • Is it swollen? My mom thought she had an absessed tooth and it turned out she had a blocked saliva gland.... It was her left side too

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:02 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • Could be an infection. Get seen by your dentist. If it reaches the jaw bone, major surgery may be necessary. In severe cases they will have to remove the infected part of the bone and replace it with something artificial.

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:02 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • Lately my jaw has been "cracking" and only on the left side...I tried biting on a pen and biting helped until I released the pressure...then it hurt even more!!!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:39 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • Mine was like that, and it was my blood pressure.

    Answer by ColleenF30 at 3:22 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • all valid options above. When I get migranes, the hurt into my jaw and all my teeth hurt at the same time. And it hurts into the side of my head over my ear then down the back of my head to my neck. So I guess it oculd be migranes too. nothing helps the pain but sleeping and it gets tothe point that it hurts so bad I can't sleep! If it's hurting this bad, you'll probalby need a perscritpion.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:22 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

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