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Battle of the 3 yr old and new baby....??

Okay so here we go....
I have a 2 week old baby and a 3 year old. Now my 3 yr old LOVES her baby sis. Is very sweet and caring when it comes to her sis. However she has been acting out of sorts. I realize she is only 3 and at age 3 kids are a bit all over the place so to say, but she has been doing things she has never done before. Screaming in public for reason witch i do not know because I cant calm her down enough to understand her. Telling me no ALL THE TIME, and not using the potty when I ask if she needs to go. Now if I dont ask, she wont go either. Now she was not fully potty trained before sis came, but has lost interest in it when she is home with me and DH. When she is with grandma though, she has no problems with the potty or behavier. Im losing my mind and pulling my hair out. No joke! Im in tears most of the day over it. I just dont know what to say when she wont potty and what to do when she acts out. HELP!!


Asked by LilMzMa at 12:12 AM on Jul. 15, 2009 in General Parenting

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Answers (6)
  • These are all normal reactions to the stress of the new baby. Yes. She loves the baby. Think back 3 years. You are just home from the hospital with a new baby. Do you love the new baby? Of course. Is life overflowing with stress? Of course. Some of the life events that rate highest in stress are some of the happiest.

    For the potty training, just calmly deal with accidents, having her clean them up because she is a big girl and can help clean up messes. Calmly help her change and have her put any wet clothes in the washer.
    And set up a weekly date with her. Each Saturday (or whenever) - one parent goes out with her while the other has a one-on-one date with the baby. Next weekend, switch. Do simple things - take Chutes and Ladders to Denny's, get her an ice cream sundae, have a cup of coffee, turn off the cell phone. Play and talk. Let her know she is important.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 12:23 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • i have a 3 year old a 2 year old and a 4 month baby when my daughter (3year old) was 1 she was potty trained and off the bottle. when i had my son (2year old) she completetly stoped going to the toilet and started on the bottle again. its totaly normal they want to be babies again just for more atention.

    Answer by adoradamia at 2:41 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • have you taken her out just you and her done something cool or something fn!?!? i know its been only 2weeks so you yourself havent done much but wen you feel up to it take just her out she'll feel special and understand shes three she knows yes thats my sister but you have to love share and help she will understand soon though just hang in there and spank- time out idk what else lol

    Answer by mamabear0824 at 3:39 AM on Jul. 15, 2009


    I've heard so many stories like this!!!!

    This is what I did. When I was nursing/feeding the baby it was reading time for my older kid. So she would see me sitting with the baby and she'd bring me a book and we'd all cuddle up and read.
    I FUSS over her being a great big sister -- helping, bringing a diaper or bottle to the baby....
    She can do special things because shes the great big sister!!! I bring mine to the store when I can go alone (dad watching the other) or even letting her help put food on plates for dinner, get her own water, whatever -- fuss over her being able to do the big kid things the baby can't do -- ;look the baby just sleeps and crys and eats, you used to do that when you were a baby, now your big and you do big girl things. You can eat with the fork, look baby can't even use his hands yet........
    To me the secret is to fuss over what she can do - fuss over her being nice to baby

    Answer by oporb at 5:50 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • I know it sounds bad but stress how much 'better' she is than the baby -- I don't mean badly -- but how she can do so much more she can do than the baby can. She will realise the baby is not competition and take pride in helping and doing big kid things

    Answer by Anonymous at 5:54 AM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • So normal. She is three. I'm that frustrated with my three year old and he is the baby. He is driving me flipping nuts! A lot of it is the age, a lot is jealousy over the baby. See if someone would take the baby for an hour and go to McDonalds or something with the three year old and go to a park and just have some time with her.

    Answer by peppermintmocha at 9:29 AM on Jul. 15, 2009