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ok they can do it but we cant.....annoyed

ok my man is unemployed long story......short story basicly his boss told him to run long haul or quit..hes a truck driver....we cant afford him to run long haul so he told his boss he cant afford to cuz of the kids etc and his boss said ok then u quit he says no i am forcefully resigining he was hired to do local work only.....ok so he applied for unemployment.....they denyed him so he has a phone interview today and it was scheduled between 8-10am welll its all most 11am and no one has called....we need the money really bad now my question is dont they have to call u in the time frame they give u?....i mean it is there job we have things to do today and cant leave till they call we are trying to call them but we cant get through.......anyone gone through this before ?????

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Asked by Anonymous at 1:48 PM on Jul. 15, 2009 in Money & Work

Answers (9)
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up! It may be that the employer was not available. When my husband was denied, he went thru this. The employer tried to delay as much as possible because they knew they had no cause to deny it. Call the unemployment office or go by there. Keep pushing.

    Answer by jaybird110 at 2:03 PM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • Perhaps there is a time zone difference?

    Generally, employers are not "required" to call you for a phone interview-- they don't really lose anything, especially in this market, for not hiring someone. It's very tacky and a bad practice, but nothing you can really do about it. Maybe they decided they really didn't need to hire?

    Your husband should appeal the unemployment issue.

    Answer by Busimommi at 2:04 PM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • the unemployment dept is the one that is supposed to call us and they didnt it dont have anyhting to do with the company anymore

    Answer by mama2my2boys at 2:13 PM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • opps know u know who i am oh well lol

    Answer by mama2my2boys at 2:14 PM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • Are you sure they were supposed to call him, and not that he was supposed to call in to them? I know a lot of this kind of stuff, they make you do the calling these days. I would double check the notice he got for it and make sure he wasn't supposed to call them.

    Answer by tropicalmama at 4:01 PM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • You need to double check with the agency and it would have been better if he didn't quit his job. His boss needed to let him go.

    Answer by SonjaSC at 7:34 PM on Jul. 15, 2009

  • no he got a letter in the mail said THEY WOULD CALL we called them it took us 6 hours to get through and we got disconected a few times......the bitch gonnna say WELL I CALLD U 3 TIMES IT SAID THE PHONE WAS DISCONECTED WAHT A FUCKING LIAR WE HAD ALL 3 PHONES BY US AND WERE USEING ARE CELL PHONE TO CALL THEM she was a cunt so i dought were gonna get it we willh have to appeal......HE DIDNT QUIT HIS JOB HIS BOSS SAID IF UR NOT GONNA RUN LONG HAUL THEN UR NOT GONNA WORK FOR ME....... WHCIH BASCILY MEANS UR FIRED.....RIGHT????????? ITS JUST A BUNCH OF FUCKIN BULL SHIT AND IM TIRED OF IT

    Answer by mama2my2boys at 1:46 PM on Jul. 16, 2009

  • Keep calling back and if that fails file an appeal. We're in the same boat with the unemployment deal with my DH except he is finishing tech school. They initially said it was fine but the next btch that called said he was there too many hours and wasn't "available". So now we have a hearing set for the 29th. Just keep calling back until you ge ahold of someone worthwhile. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    Answer by erika.lyn at 12:17 AM on Jul. 17, 2009


    Answer by mama2my2boys at 9:41 PM on Jul. 19, 2009

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