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How do you poop potty train a boy???

He goes pee in the potty all the time but he wont poop and i even put him on the potty when he is getting ready to go in his pants but he could be on it for hours and still will go in his pants minutes after he gets off. I've even gone so far as bribing him it didn't help though he did get on the potty that time by his self but I'm loosing my mind plz help!

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Asked by huntinmama21 at 4:48 PM on Jul. 16, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • By letting go. He obviously has the ability, but is demanding to do it on his terms. I would suggest a sticker chart. Every time he sussfully uses the potty he gets a sticker. After x number of pottys reward him, a special game, treat, one on one time, a special toy. Then slowly up that number until he doesn't need the stickers at all. And give two stickers for poop, until he really is going well. Other then when he does use the potty for poop almost ignore it. It will be hard for you, but it will work. Also let him pick out some big boy undies, and tell him when he is ready to put his poop in the potty he can wear them. Agian then don't say anything, just leave them wear he can see them. Remember make a huge deal out of pooping in the potty, this will encourage him. Good luck, I know it is frustratting, but I promise he will be using the potty full time before 1st grade.

    Answer by DevilInPigtails at 5:00 PM on Jul. 16, 2009

  • I agree - "let go".
    I've been having ongoing poop problems with my daughter. I know she can but she does not want to. The harder I push, the more she fights. It's a fight I can not win - what am I going to do? Hold her on the potty until she does go? Even if we sit there for days? Because she can hold it for days.
    If it's a fight you can't win, don't fight. As I've backed off and let her know it's OK to ask for a pullup, she has relaxed and started trying to poop on the potty again. It took a couple of weeks though before she believed that I was not going to get upset. Because the fight went on for so long, I fully expect it to take several months before she is willing to give up her pullups for pooping.

    Live and Learn - I now pick my battles and I only pick ones I can win.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 5:10 PM on Jul. 16, 2009

  • Patience patience and MORE patience......Wade's doing the same EXACT things! I think it's just this age with boys. Bribes have been working pretty good for him though. I take away his new bike if he poops in his pants, and he gets treats and cookies if he does go in the potty. A TON of positive reinforcement helps too (You'd think we hit the million dollar jack pot around here as excited as we get every time he poops in the potty! Lol!) He tells everyone we see about getting candies for pooping in the potty! It gets kind of embarrassing, but hey, if it works, i'll deal with it! lol! I like the idea of the stickers too....I dont know about Roper, but Wade LOVES stickers. I think i'll try that too!

    Answer by MommaTurbo at 11:42 AM on Jul. 17, 2009

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