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My Daughter is almost 3, And She really REFUSES to eat meat...
No chicken, no hamburger.

I was wondering- Do you think she just could NOT like meat? at such a young age?

Just confused... I have an appointment with her Pediatrician coming up, so I'll bring it up... In the mean time she's getting vitamins...


thanks, :]

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Asked by TheTara at 2:34 AM on Jul. 18, 2009 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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  • Even chicken nuggets? It is hard for some kids to learn hamburgers are cows. Seasoning could be the problem. Try BBQ pork ribs (they have more meat then beef). Most everyone likes those. Then you could see if it is all meat. If so, fish sticks should work.

    Answer by moneymagnetmom at 2:42 AM on Jul. 18, 2009

  • My cousin was a self proclaimed vegetarian from the moment she could eat (9 months or so). She would be given chicken noodle soup and pick out the chicken. She is now in college and still doesn't eat meat. My daughter (4 today yeah!!!) eats as little meat as she can get away with. When we have tacos, she takes 2 bites and then eats the tortilla. She leaves the hamburger on the plate, but will polish off the bun and pickles. Her favorite snack is broccoli (she doesn't even need ranch). I call her my little vegetarian.

    Answer by Amber115 at 4:04 AM on Jul. 18, 2009

  • NO she wont even eat chicken nuggets, No hamburgers, No chicken patties, No grilled chicken, no steak... Its so weird....
    I just wondered if it were a weird thing... Or if it happens alot?

    Answer by TheTara at 4:47 AM on Jul. 18, 2009

  • my oldest went vegetarian last November. Some kids just don't like meat but will out grow that. Some never eat meat. And some only like meat. I say humor her. However it's not the vitamins you need to watch out for but protein.

    Answer by pagirl71 at 7:50 AM on Jul. 18, 2009

  • It's not that uncommon. Go with her flow - there are lots of other sources of protein and nutrients associated with meat. A few are harder to find in vegetarian sources, like B12 I think (can't remember exactly) - that's when you can use vitamins to supplement. Good idea to talk to your pediatrician, but don't force her to eat what she doesn't want. She'll either change her mind as she gets older or she'll grow up with a healthier diet than most Americans have.

    Answer by JPsMommy605 at 9:32 AM on Jul. 18, 2009

  • my little brother HATED meat from birth. Absolutely could not stomach it. Mind you now he's a super carnivore but I guess she just does not like the taste and texture, i'd go with the flow, as long as she's tasted something and then hates it at least she tried it. It maight actually be healthy for the whole family (but make sure to get some guidance on balancing nutrition 00 vitamins, nuts, and beans are good for protein/iron, as aredark leafy greens).
    And just let her retry every 3-4 months b/c tastes change.

    Answer by MamiJaAyla at 11:39 AM on Jul. 18, 2009

  • It's actually fairly common. Many types of meat feel weird in a toddlers mouth and they have a hard time chewing it and chasing the little pieces around in their mouths.

    Just keep presenting it. Don't push her to eat it but do not label her as a vegitarian. She's not - she's just a normal child. In the meantime, there are lots of protein sources - milk, cheese, eggs, beans, peanut butter. Give her a variety during the week and let her keep seeing you eat others. She'll understand without you saying a word that she will eat and enjoy them one day too. Let her pick that day.

    Answer by kaycee14 at 12:24 PM on Jul. 18, 2009

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