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How long did you breast feed?

My son is addicted to nursing! Every mom that I talk to say's when he is ready he will wean himself I am afraid that day will never come with him...he is 17 months and is asking for it before nap and bed time....ok and when he bored or just wants to be close. My husband keeps making comments like "alright kid your lease is up" I have to add he is a very picky eater and will not drink milk of any kind...this the main reason I am still allowing him to nurse..any less traumatic solutions? TIA

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Asked by LJSMOM31 at 8:35 PM on Jul. 20, 2009 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • I breastfed until my son was sixteen months (this month), I only really stopped because I'm five months pregnant. I just dropped one feeding at a time until he was only nursing at bed time. Then instead of giving him a boob, I would give him a tippy full of water. He's doing great.

    Answer by LucasMama08 at 8:46 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • 6 weeks... we had latch problems so i pumped, then i had problems producing and gave up!!!

    Answer by sweetstkissez22 at 8:48 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • I never got my LO latched so I pumped for 7 mos. Then we went to formula. If you want to stop nursing then stop. Only you can make that decision. If you feel that if will be best for the 2 of you then make that decision. The best way to stop is to drop a feeding at a time and let your body readjust as well as your child. I wish you luck.

    Answer by coala at 9:00 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • At 17m his behavior sounds normal. DS nursed for 19m ( weaned when I was pregnant , DD is 23m and still will comfort nurse but nothing more, both were still avid nursers at 17m though. I would drop a feeding a week until your down to his favorite one ( Im guessing bedtime?) and slowly change the night time routine to focus on bath play and stories, toddlers will become more interested in the story then your boob over time. Milk is not necessary while BF continues... neither f my children would drink it till after they were weaned ( we'll dd still doesn't but I'm assuming)


    Answer by RippledBegonias at 9:09 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • I would point out to DH that here are many benefits to still nursing ( check out for reasons) especially since he doesn't drink milk. also tll him your plan to slowly wean so he doesn't think it will be this way forever... congrats for going this far mama!! At his age I also think its great to ward off tantrums, when things become overwhelming nursing is a great way to deal ( I wished DS nursed for longer because of this, and I love being able to calm DD this way)

    Answer by RippledBegonias at 9:10 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • i think thats fine! 17 m/o is still young. it sounds like he is nursing more for a snack or comfort, and that is sign he might be starting to self wean (i'm not expert of course). my son self weaned 3 days after his 1st bday. my "goal" was one year, but would have nursed him longer if he wasnt ready.

    Answer by Owl_Feather at 9:27 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • my DD is 14 months old and still BF in the morning and at night. Sometime more, like when she's sick or not eating much that day.

    Answer by rachelsmommy78 at 9:34 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • I nursed my daughter until she was 14 months old. I slowly started to wean her off at 11 months old because I was pregnant with my son and knew I wanted a break before I started nursing again. I'm now breastfeeding my son who is 5 weeks old...I thought I was going to exclusively breastfeed but I got ill a couple of weeks after delivery and was in hospital so I had to pump and dump while my husband fed him formula. and with a 19 month old running around.... now, I like to have my husband or other family members feed him a bottle of formula too, so, I do supplement but only up to 8 oz of formula a day.

    Answer by GreekMama28 at 2:03 AM on Jul. 21, 2009

  • i breast fed my daughter for 1 year and 10 months(mainly night feeding)I'm pregnant with second child due inabout 2 weeks and wanted a break before breast feeding just have to decide that you wanna stop and then stop try explaining to him that he's a big boy and that he doesn't need it .try reducing it to only night feeding and then decide when you wanna stop completely then stop.if he tries try destracting him with a toy or everytime he lifts your shirt or whatever just say no and walk away he'll get it eventually but you have to decide that it's time and stop but be patient it's not always easy my daughter took it hard in the begining but is now fully weaned

    Answer by greenmaniac at 2:44 AM on Jul. 21, 2009

  • Okay the AAP and WHO recommend nursing until AT LEAST 2 years old so just keep it up unless it is really bothering you. Once they were about 18 months old I started don't ask, don't offer and only nursed if they asked me. My son was 18 months and I was 5 months pregnant, my daughter is still going strong at 25 months old. If you really want to stop then just drop one feeding for a week and then another next week and so on. If he wakes in the night still for it then try night weaning. Don't let DH or any one else pressure you to stop before you are ready. The average age of weaning is 3 years if left to their own devices!

    Answer by aeneva at 7:25 AM on Jul. 21, 2009

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