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i just need to vent to those of u who understnad feel free to vent ur thoughts too

it just really gets to me that people that dont even want kids and dont ever plan on having kids get pregnant so easily and those of us who are so eager to have a baby cant get pregnant! u always here stories like "it only takes one time so be careful" or people get pregnant their first month of trying. im just getting so discouraged. blah i feel like ive taken a million pregnancy tests n theyve all been negative that when i DO get a BFPOSTIVE that i wont even believe it. does anybody feel the same way i do. i just relax and stop thinking about it but babies are around me everyday and all my friends are getting pregnant so easily and i just want one so badly. positive thoughts loves xoxxo E

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Asked by ebrittian22 at 11:15 PM on Jul. 20, 2009 in Trying to Conceive

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  • baby dustI hear the best way to get pregnant when its become hard is to stop trying. I'm sorry its so hard on you tho, I hope you get the baby of your dreams soon!


    Answer by LucasMama08 at 11:18 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • Sweaty let me tell you that the doctors told me that I would never get pregnant because I had a severe case of endometriosis. I cried and cried for years thinking that when I got married I would have nothing to offer as a woman to my husband. I have freinds who got pregnant just thinking about sex it seemed. They were so irresponsible and then some of them would get abortions because they didn't want to be a mother. And here I was not being able to have a baby. It just seemed so unfair and needless to say I stopped talking to those girls because I thought they were completely ungrateful and stupid. Well, I got married, and found out I was expecting. My husband told me he didn't want the baby because he had a son already and forgot mention that he got another woman pregant before he married me. I said F to him and left him, you need to say F to the world and take care of yourself. It will happen. Invision yourself already there

    Answer by Dreambaby15 at 11:36 PM on Jul. 20, 2009

  • I was told by specialists that I would never conceive. After years of trying with my DH, we finally gave up and decided to foster. About halfway through the foster process, my test came up positive! I spent a lot of those years thinking the exact same thoughts that you have. I was angry at women who got abortions and stupid women who couldn't take care of their 10000 kids or whatever. It really isn't fair that there are so many people who have so much to give, and yet remain childless. My advice is to not think about it, make peace with it, and hope for the best. Stress will only make matters worse, and if it is meant to happen, it will. I truly understand what you are going through; just hang in there.. you never know what will happen in the future!

    Answer by Emuu at 12:13 AM on Jul. 21, 2009

  • Wow i know exactly what you feel I am going through the same exact thing right now as we speak my husbands brother and his wife just started trying last month and she has already received a BFP but i began to think that when its my time my baby will come

    Answer by lazo060109 at 2:14 AM on Jul. 21, 2009

  • I've been in your positon before. I completly understand where you're coming from, it's not easy don't get discouraged. Your time will come. I realized after I got pregnant that it doesn't happen when you want it too, it happens when it's suppose too! I didn't know if it would ever happen for my husband and I. He had testicular cancer last year and I had two surgies in the past to remove fibroids. I was so discouraged every month and as soon I had given up. Saying to myself a new year and a new attitude, that following month I had found out I was pregnant! Miracles do happen. You just have to believe. I thought it would take longer then a year for us. And I ended up pregnant after the 6 month, so it can happen. Good luck to you!

    Answer by Sillylins at 11:13 AM on Jul. 21, 2009

  • i am in the same boat, lossed an a constant emotional raging sea...because it hurts. You want it so bad, and you feel powerless to catch hold of your dream, while it seems that literally everyone around you is getting pregnant and having babies. My sister is pregnant with her fourth baby.Me and my husband have been trying for over four years, and still nothing..but my faith keeps me grounded when I feel like just giving up. The thing I hate the most is people telling me to stop stressing, that it will happen when it's meant to,that we are still young (I am 23) that when you stop trying it will is that supposed to help????????????????????? makes me mad!

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:51 PM on Jul. 21, 2009

  • I get where you are coming from. All my friends are having babies or getting pregnant and here I sit wanting to have a baby so bad!! I had the Mirena removed 2mths ago and I should be pregnant now but nothing. My breasts are tender and sore but thats the way they were last mth to and I got my period!! I am very sensitive right now as well I know that my period is coming next week I just know it!! :(

    Answer by newlifewith3 at 9:56 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • Yeah,I completely understand where you're coming from....My hubby&I have been TTC for 2 years with no results...been 2 the doctor(nothing abnormal)...All around me,I see my cousins poppin kids out left&right(all my age&have at least 2 or 3 kids already)...So hubby&I decided 2 take a LONG break and if it happens it happens but if we don't conceive in the next 3 years-then we are definitely going 2 adopt...


    Answer by Anonymous at 6:03 PM on Jul. 22, 2009

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