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Baby shower...

well im not really looking forward to this but i guess i need to do it...but my question is what are some fun games to having a pool party type of deal so it'll be outside by the pool so maybe some pool games? idk i've never been to a shower and this is my first kid so any ideas for anything would be great! thanks a bunches <3

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Asked by freshly.married at 12:50 AM on Jul. 22, 2009 in Pregnancy

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  • 1) Guess Mom's Tummy Size: (Materials- String or yarn and scissors) Have each woman pull the yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mother-To-Be's center of her pregnant tummy. After everyone cuts their string, compare the results to the Mommy-To-Be's actual tummy. Give a prize to the woman who is the most close! This is a baby shower favorite.

    2) Never say "Baby": (Materials- baby safety pins or another type of baby object you can place on a string for each woman at the party as well as string or yarn, enough for each woman to wear as a necklace). Have each woman place the necklace with the baby safety pins around her neck when she gets to the party. The rules for this baby shower game are given out at the beginning of the baby shower that whenever someone says the word "baby" during the shower, any woman who calls it out gets a pin from the other woman who stated the word. At the end of the baby shower

    Answer by Pooky_mommy at 12:55 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • 3) How Many Baby Items Can You Name: (Materials- pad of paper and pen for each woman). Have each woman write down as many baby products as they can name (bottle, blanket, pacifier, etc) within 5 minutes. Sure it is easy at the beginning, but towards the last few minutes, the women will start racking their brains for more :) Give a prize to the woman who gets the most baby products named!

    4) Who Can Make The Mother-To-Be's Baby: (Materials - Baby magazines, Scissors, Glue, Paper). Have the women group up into teams of 3 and give each 3 baby magazines. Have them cut out pieces of different baby qualities and put together a picture of what they think the Mother-To-Be's baby will look like. Have the Mother-To-Be pick which baby would possibly look like hers the best! Give prizes to the winning team! One of the top baby shower games!

    Answer by Pooky_mommy at 12:55 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • 5) Guess The Gerber's: (Materials - Gerber's infant food, pads of paper and pens). Take the labels off of the baby food jars and have the women at the baby shower guess the food (carrots, peas, sweet potato). Most fun to play up to 10 jars of different kinds of foods. If there is a tie, blindfold the women and have them taste one of the jars and guess the right flavor to win their prize.

    6) Guess How Many Safety Pins: (Materials- Safety Pins and Jar). Pass around a jar full of baby safety pins. The one who guesses the closest wins a baby shower prize. A baby shower game favorite!

    Answer by Pooky_mommy at 12:55 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • One of our visitors, Lynn, stated that she filled a clear plastic container (about 50 qt size with disposable diapers) all the same size (size 1) and had people guess how many diapers were in the container. Of course, container and contents go to mom since, as we all know, you can never have enough diapers. This baby shower game is very functional for the mommy-to-be!

    You can also add cute clothes pins by getting a few packs and using them for the baby shower game, then spreading them around the tables as decorations!

    7) How Well Do You Know Mommy-To-Be: (Materials- Pre-Printed Form and pen for each woman). Have each women guess what features she wants most on the baby from either her or her husband (Daddy-To-Be). An example of this idea is found below:

    Answer by Pooky_mommy at 12:56 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • 8) Place The Baby On The Mommy: (Materials- Cutouts of a baby with tape and blindfold). Another one of our favorite baby shower games is the baby shower version of Pin The Tail on the Donkey. Blindfold each participant and then give them a paper baby to then approach the mom and place the baby as close to the tummy as possible. The one who gets closest to placing the paper baby on the pregnant tummy wins.

    9) Bottle Races: (Materials- Baby bottles with Milk or alternate drink). Have each participant take a bottle filled with a liquid and suck the bottle as a baby would. The woman who drinks the most in an alloted time wins the baby shower gift. This baby shower game gets everyone laughing!

    Answer by Pooky_mommy at 12:56 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • 10) Guess the baby item: (Materials- any baby products and blindfold). A bag of baby items are placed in front of the mother-to-be for her to take one item out at a time blindfolded and tell her baby shower guests what item she has in her hands. This is really fun baby shower game when you choose some crazy baby toys or products.

    11) Finish the Baby Rhyme: (Materials- baby rhyme game or a book containing the rhymes). Have the host read out loud a part of the rhyme to be finished by the other women. Let's see how many Baby Shower Guests can finish the following Rhymes we have all grown up with:

    Answer by Pooky_mommy at 12:57 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • No game ideas but for snacks you can do up finger foods in a baby theme-like baby sausages, baby shrimp, baby carrots and dipping sauce. Also since it is a pool party, try looking for a book in the pregnancy section of your local bookstore, I think it's called the "Bahama Mama" drink book. It's filled with recipes for non-alcoholic mixed drinks and you can find fun colored drink glasses for sale right now just about anywhere.

    Answer by cjbj08 at 1:36 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

  • Actualu pool games? I wouldn't showers are usually in "dry" environment but consider yours VERY unique. Try and keep your gusts cool. I'm in Houston and our temperatures is above 95 degrees F and it would be horrible to have my baby shower outside! I had mine a month ago and even inside it was super hot. Hope its warm and breezy at your hometown.

    Answer by Shamerika at 11:31 AM on Jul. 22, 2009

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